Can I install Christmas lightings in my carport?

christmas lightsIt’s the time again – the holiday’s festive atmosphere just makes you want to go out and enjoy the lovely weather. With this, you might be considering putting lighting into your carport. Christmas lights in your carport just looks amazing, right? However, you are wondering if it’s even possible.

Lighting up my carport?

  • Is this fine?
  • Is this safe? If yes, how can you do it?

The idea just sounds attractive and hanging Christmas lights in your carport can add to the festive air outside. To answer your question, yes it is possible but be careful.

You can install normal Christmas lights that plug into a power point yourself. Please becareful when attaching anything to your walls, it is best to use stick on hooks to make sure you don’t damage your walls. When buying stick on hooks, they come in different weight rating so take your lights with you and ask the sales person for help. Experience the holiday season, and add some lovely Christmas lights to your carport.

Ready, set, light!

Installing Christmas lights in your carport is not hard to do. When installing Christmas lights in your carport, remember to ensure your safety first and read the instructions.

christmas lightsHere are some lists of things you should take note:

  • Use durable Christmas lights. Remember, you are using them outside so make sure you have outdoor lights that can withstand the weather outside.
  • Be safe. When installing, use the proper materials and tools. Always do the job by the book. Make sure any cords are well secured and up high so they are not a hazard.
  • Don’t over load the power point with too many lights. Check the manufactures details and call an electrician if you are uncertain.
  • Make sure your RCD (Residual Current Device) / safety switch is working. Don’t have an RCD? Call an electrician.
  • Never be tempted to hard wire lights yourself – you need an electrician for that.

Can I install Christmas lightings in my carport?

Yes, definitely! Just remember to think about your safety first. It’s great to celebrate Christmas but it’s more important to be safe. A little bit of effort and safety precautions, you can enjoy a magical Christmas lights outside and still safe. Have a safe Christmas everyone from all the staff at CPR Outdoor Centre.

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