Can I have a Window Installed in My Shed?


Installing a shed on your property is a multi-purpose addition with many advantages. With numerous style and material options available it is guaranteed to be a space that can be utilised by the whole family. One design option to consider are the benefits of installing a window in your shed.

Here are just a few reasons why making the decision to install a window in your shed can be a positive one:

  • Allow Natural Light to Enter Your Shed
  • Increase Ventilation in Your Shed

Allow Natural Light to Enter Your Shed

Windows create natural light all year round which in turn can reduce the cost of your power bills. There are many types of windows that can be installed in your shed including skylights in the roof of your shed which are a great way to create extra light and still maintain privacy. Having windows installed in the side wall of your shed will allow natural light to beam through and can be positioned in a specific area where extra lighting is wanted. If using your shed for hobbies, the advantage of having natural light entering is you can position the window to focus on the area you require the most lighting possible.

Increase Ventilation in Your Shed


Adding a window to your shed will make it comfortable through all seasons. Have your shed window fully open in summer, allowing the sea breeze to flow through and keep you cool. Adjust your window in winter to still allow for good ventilation but keep your shed cosy and warm. When adding a window to your shed, you will also have the option of adding a protective screen over the window too. This screen will allow air to enter and circulate while giving you piece of mind your shed and its contents are safe and secure.

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