Can I have a Custom Roof on my Patio?

Dome patio with custom trussIt goes without saying that your patio space a great compliment with a custom roof.

CPR Outdoor Centre have made this decision easier for you with the great choice of style and colours to choose from so creating that entertainment space will be less daunting for you.

Patios are great way to add an extra area to your home giving you that wonderful entertainment value of plenty. Depending on the location of where the patio is to be built, if you want it to stand alone or be an attachment to your home there are certain styles that may suit the area.

When to Build the following Patio Roof

  • Hip End Roof
  • Flat Roof
  • Dome Roof
  • Gable Roof
  • Custom Designs

Hip End Patio by CPR OutdoorHip End Roof

When you are needing that extra protection from sun coming in from the sides, Hip End roofing is a great finish.

Flat Roof

Commonly used for carports and can be used for an extra addition to the home for entertainment value. Also, a great way to join two building together with extra protection. It will create a functional outdoor living space and can be attached to the fixtures of the home or stand alone.

Dome Roof

This style minimises the use of connecting beams and rafters. The style gives flexibility from having the choice of a low to gradual curve or a high curve depending on preference.

Gable Roof

Well designed patio by CPRThe Gable Roof has the design of two pitched sides that is joined in the middle has the flexibility to be attached to a building of standalone. This design provides plenty of ventilation without trapping the heat. The sizes can be adjusted to suit your outdoor living space.

Custom Designs

Custom Designs give you the option to have two or three patios joined together this works great when you need to bring high and low patio roofs together. To extend your options even further you could have a saw tooth gable patio, split dome or even a dutch gable, the choice is endless.

Who to Call to Make Buying A Patio Easier

CPR Outdoor Centre – Patios and Sheds can give you a free quote today. Servicing Bunbury, Busselton and all nearby areas we can discuss the perfect patio for you. Contact Bunbury on 9726 2311 or Busselton on 9754 2657.