Can I Get A Window Put In My Shed?


Shed’s are a great space for just about anything, especially when they are custom built by a reputable and affordable local company such as CPR Outdoor Centre. They can act as a workshop, storage space, an extra room separate from your house and even for outdoor entertaining, but they can be a little dark and dreary without any natural light. So why not add a window? Or two?

CPR Outdoor Centre are your one stop shop when it comes to either adding a window into your shed on your property and including windows in its design. You can rest easy knowing that the Colorbond and Bluescope Steel professionals can effortlessly add a window to your new shed design, from council approval to construction, giving you your finished product that you will really love.

Why add a window into your shed?

  • Natural light
  • Aesthetics
  • Increased Visuals of your Yard and House

Natural Light

Nothing beats natural sunlight streaming through a window to lighten a space. Rather than invest in costly lighting for your shed, utilise the free light from the sun and install a window or two for not only natural sunlight during the day, but fresh breeze and ventilation all day long.


Steer clear of the ‘block’ look and break up the surface space with window openings. The size is completely up to you and the addition of windows to you shed can make it look much more attractive.

Increased Visuals of your Yard and House

Do you spend a lot of time in the shed? Too much time maybe?


If you spend more time in the shed than in the house, having full view of your yard and home can be beneficial not only for security purposes, but for the safety of little ones and pets. You can also win brownie points by ‘babysitting’ from your shed with full visuals of the kids playing from the large windows you get installed by CPR Outdoor Centre!

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