Can I Get a Patio Built by Christmas?

Christmas treeWith Christmas fast approaching many families are beginning to make plans of how they will celebrate the festive season. The ideal Christmas could be spent under your patio, enjoying the beautiful South West weather while making memories with loved ones.

There are many factors that go in to installing a new patio. A common question asked a few months before Christmas each year is, Can I still get a patio built by Christmas? CPR Outdoor Centre are the South West patio professionals. If you are wanting a patio installed by Christmas, don’t delay speaking to the CPR Outdoor Centre team.

When installing a patio, it is not only the time to erect the patio that must be considered. Read on to learn a few factors that will determine how long it will take to build your new patio including:

  • The size and location of your patio
  • Finishing touches to your patio
  • Council approvals

The size and location of your patio

Gable Edwards FinishedThe size and location of your patio will determine how long it will take to construct. Does land have to be cleared where your patio is being built? What size patio are you wanting to construct?  These are just a few questions that will be considered when giving a timeframe from planning to installation to completion.

Finishing touches to your patio

The time to complete your patio also depends on any finishing touches to be installed. Flooring is one factor to consider. Flooring also needs adequate time especially when choosing concreting, bricklaying or decking these all have a certain amount of time needed to complete. You may choose to install an outdoor kitchen in your patio. If you would like this completed by Christmas too, it’s important to allow adequate time for all the required trades to complete their required tasks.

Council approvals

When building a patio, there are a range of approvals that may be required. These can take time to be approved by the relevant departments so allowing adequate time for approvals is important. It is important to speak to your local council to know the exact requirements needed for your patio or speak to the team at CPR Outdoor Centre for help and advice on the required approvals.

Call the team at CPR Outdoor Centre today to enquire about having a patio built by Christmas

CPR Outdoor CentreDome patio built by CPR are your local patio professionals. The team at CPR Outdoor Centre have extensive experience in all aspects of patios plus sheds, carports and garages.

Whether you are looking for a DIY patio kit or would like CPR Outdoor Centre to build you the perfect patio call the team today.

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