Can I Entertain Under My Patio During Winter?

Patio blindsWhether a catch up with a few friends or a party to toast a guest of honour, a patio is the perfect place to entertain all year around. Create memories entertaining family and friends for hours on end, despite the weather, knowing they are warm and comfortable under your patio.  A patio provides adequate shelter, can be closed in at one or all sides and with some simple planning can be just as cosy and warm as indoors during winter.

Looking for ideas to turn your patio into a winter entertainer’s delight?  Read on to learn 3 ways including:

  • Add heating
  • Use texture to add warmth
  • Patio blinds or partitioning

Add heating

A fire pit or outdoor heater is a great investment for your patio during the winter months. Safety is imperative so ensure any heating is installed by a professional and is kept at a safe distance from flammable items. A portable fan or ceiling fan is a great way to circulate warm air plus can be used during summer to keep your patio cool.

Use texture to add warmth

Texture is great way to add warmth to your patio. How? Colours such as grey, browns, dark greens and navy blue give a warm winter feeling. Throw rugs and cushions can be used to add texture to give a warm feeling plus also be used by guests to keep cosy and warm. Soft lighting can be strung throughout your patio to add to the ambience and feeling of warmth and comfort.

Use patio blinds or partitions

HD Channel Blinds Lawn 1Patio blinds provide protection from winter weather under your patio. In winter, patio blinds will keep out the rain, wind and chill in the air while in summer they are a great way to add shade and keep out harsh UV rays. If you are looking for a less permanent and portable solution, partitions can be used to enclose any open sides of your patio..

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