Can I Convert My Carport to a Garage?

Gable garage with rollerdoorConverting your carport to a garage is a big project and needs to have some careful thought, planning and time given to it before going ahead. The added protection you will be given with having a garage is a positive change. Storage options is also a big plus.

It is best to try and do a breakdown of expenses but keep in mind that upgrading your carport to a garage will enhance the value of your property in the end, so it is a great investment.

Things to Consider with A Conversion

  • Costs Involved
  • Time of year
  • Protection
  • Permits
  • Additional living

Costs InvolvedSimpson Carport 3 August 2016 Winner no rego

Cost savings from having a carport converted to a garage is the foundations of concreting have are already laid so that is a bonus. External walls and fixtures for a shed will need to be added, entry points such as garage doors, will these be electronic? manual opening, closing or by sliding measure. Security of locks, lighting and power are other things that will need to be considered.


Having a garage is great for security purposes, having the enclosed space for your vehicle can lower insurance premiums. Your vehicle will also be protected from the natural elements, exposure to sunlight constantly will cause fading to the paint surface and winter weather can cause rusting.


With any amendments to fixtures or additions to the home, council approvals will need to be met. Contacting your council prior to works being done is a good idea to ensure the process goes through correctly.

Additional Living

Garages built by CPR Outdoor CentreA garage gives your new space so many options to choose from for future living purposes.

Your new space can be utilised for business, games room for table tennis or pool table. If your having extra guests this area can be setup for accommodation.

Do You Want to Add Value to Your Home?

When you want a garage built to your individual needs, CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury and CPR Outdoor Centre Busselton can manufacture and build your design sorting all council approvals for you to make the process simpler. Call the team today on 9726 2311 Bunbury or 9754 2657 Busselton.