Can Building a Garage Increase the Value of My Home?

Double garage by CPR Outdoor CentreThere are many reasons why homeowners want to add a garage to their home. For many it is to provide a safe place to store and protect their vehicles however a garage also has many other benefits including a secure sheltered place for storage. You are spoilt for choice with options when it comes to choosing a garage for your home. From location to size to design and added features available, adding a garage to your home can certainly help to increase the value of your home. Read on to learn 3 ways that building a garage can help to increase the value of your home including:
  • Peace of Mind Vehicles are Protected
  • Long Term Solution for Additional Storage
  • Alternate Uses as Your Homes Dynamics Change

Peace of Mind Vehicles are Protected

A garage can put your home ahead of the rest when it comes to covered parking space for not only cars but boats, caravans and trailers too. When working out the correct size dimensions for your garage keep in mind that many homes have at least 2 or more occupants who own motor vehicles. If you can utilise space and create secure and safe parking for 2 or more cars plus enough height to accommodate recreational vehicles too, this will certainly make the features of your home more appealing to potential buyers.

Long Term Solution for Additional Storage

Building a Garage by CPRAre you struggling to find space to store all your tools, equipment and household items? Adding a garage is a cost-effective solution to creating more space and storage which will free up extra room in your home, garden or shed. Homeowners are constantly on the lookout for ways to declutter their homes and adding a garage is the ideal way to instantly create additional storage space and increase your homes storage capacity.

Alternate Uses as Your Homes Dynamics Change

As your home dynamics change, so may the purpose of your garage. While being used to store and protect vehicles and as extra storage now, you may find that in the future your home has one or even no vehicles therefore giving you options to use your garage in alternate ways. These could include an additional space to work on a hobby or project or a great place to set up exercise equipment.

Call CPR Outdoor to Build a Garage at Your Home or Property

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