Can a carport be enclosed into a garage later?

Lovely carport by CPR
Need a place to store your car? Install a carport.

Yes, a carport can easily be transformed into a garage. It is far more affordable than building one from scratch. It will offer your car the protection that it needs and will also be less expensive. If you’re in need of a garage installation but you don’t have the budget – then a carport is a perfect solution for you.

Is a carport a good alternative?Carport by PR Outdoor

Yes, it is. You may think that a carport offers less than what a garage can offer, but you are wrong. When properly installed, a carport can protect your car from outside elements such as extreme weather conditions and theft.

Will a carport repel theft?

A carport might not be enclosed like a garage but with proper features, you can still deter possible intruders – especially at night. You can install proper lighting on your carport. A well lit carport will help to repel the possible threat of potential thieves. Lighting is a great deterrent as criminals don’t like to be seen. You could also install an alarm on your carport. You see, despite not having walls, your carport can still protect your car against theft.

Can a carport be enclosed into a garage later?

The best thing about installing a carport is that when the time comes to add an enclosure – there’s no problem. A carport can be enclosed and turned it into a garage at any time you want. You can make certain additions to your carport after it has been installed. However, be sure you chat with your carport/garage builder first to know the legalities and if there are council requirements necessary for the enclosure.

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