Café Blinds: The Missing Piece to Your Patio’s Perfection

A patio is your home’s best place to relax, to unwind, and enjoy the morning sun. Love your patio but sometimes the weather can make it not the space you hoped for.Cafe Blinds

  • Too hot from constant sun exposure
  • Too cold from the westerly wind
  • Too wet from the rain blowing in?

CPR Outdoor Centre has the answer for you – cost effective, stylish Cafe blinds.

Your patio will be quickly transformed into that beautiful space you have been dreaming of all year round. You won’t worry about bad weathers any longer. Inviting your friends for a Saturday barbecue can be more fun and exciting and no worrying about your party being spoilt by the weather.

Made for durability, café blinds are designed to be user friendly so that everyone can enjoy its benefits without experiencing hassles in installation. Simply pull it down when needed and pull it up when everything’s fine again. Café blinds are designed to protect you from these possible weather conditions:

  • cold winds
  • heavy rain
  • consist glare of the sun shining in

Café blinds are your patio’s missing piece.

These classy blinds can also be used as a protection for your pool area; having this option can give you more time to personally enjoy your pool.

With these added protection, you can maximize your patio’s potential. Regardless of the weather, you can now let your children play. Reading your favourite novel in this newly protected sunroom can be a dream come true. Winter, summer, spring or autumn your patio can be your home’s precious asset.

CPR Outdoor Centre is your outdoor specialist. They offer you direct from factory prices and guarantees high quality with designs that are custom- made to meet your needs. You can give them a call anytime or visit their website for a free quote and discussion of your needs.