Why build a carport?

3.CarportA carport is a great addition to your home. Carports are not only functional structures, but can also enhance the look of your home. With a carport you can increase the value of your home. Having somewhere to store your car or boat is a very desirable thing and can prolong its life by keeping it out of the weather and thus save you money.

Why build a carport?

Installing a carport is a great choice because it offers advantages like:

  • Practical and quick to install
  • Protection for your car / boat /caravan
  • Versatile and extra space

Carports are practical and quick to install

They are a perfect option if you want to protect your car, but you don’t have enough budget to spend on a more elaborate garage. Great if you are considering selling your property soon or turning it into  a rental.

You can choose from two options and two locations at CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury or CPR Outdoor Centre Busselton:

  • DIY carports
  • Fully installed carports, including all shire permits.

Your option depends on your budget and time. If you choose a fully installed carport we do it all for you, including organizing the building permit. Carports can be installed very quickly after shire approval has been given for your new carport which mean that you will start to use your carport very soon.

Carports protect your car

Tired of getting into a cold, wet car in the rain?

Leaving your car unsheltered can ruin its beautiful finish and cause your car to age prematurely, which can lead to costly repairs or early replacement. Without carports your car is at risk of:

  • Its paint fading quickly
  • Getting wet
  • Getting damage by hail or branches

Carports are versatile

Carports main role is to protect your car, but you will be surprised to know that they can be used for other things – especially for entertaining purposes. When you are looking for space to hold a party, simply move your car for a while and you’ve got yourself a covered space perfect for partying or BBQ night with friends.

Carports are a great addition to your home and so much more than just a storage area for your car. For fully installed carports or DIY kit in Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River, Dunsborough and surrounding areas, contact CPR Outdoor Centre for a free measure and quote on your new carport.