Budget Friendly Ways to Give Your Garage a Makeover

Upcycling furniture - Photo credit upcycling77.blogspot.comMost garages in Bunbury and the South West are used simply as a space to store and protect vehicles. While this may be a garages main purpose, it’s important to remember a garage can also be used for other means including storage, a sheltered outdoor entertaining area or home gym. 

While your garage may not often be on show to others, it is still a space to give some TLC and make inviting. Read on to learn budget friendly ways to give your garage a makeover including:

  • Upcycle Old Furniture
  • Clean and Paint the Floor
  • Add Shelving

Upcycle Old Furniture

Before disposing unwanted furniture items from inside the home, consider if they could be used in your garage. Wardrobes make great additions to garages making the ideal space to store away items such as sporting equipment or garden supplies. An old couch can provide great seating for a garage. A budget friendly way to cover stains or wear or tear on an old couch is by using blankets or old sheets as couch covers. Use your DIY skills to turn a filing cabinet into storage. Remove the doors and turn on its side and you instantly have a new spot to store items such as rakes, shovels and brooms. 

Clean and Paint the Floor

With vehicles being stored plus coming and going from a garage, flooring quickly becomes home to oil spills and stains. A simple sweep to remove debris and a high-pressure hose may be all you need to restore the appearance of your garage floor and a simple paint job is an easy and affordable way to give a concrete garage floor a fresh new look. If your budget allows, you may even choose to coat your garage floor after painting too.

Add Shelving

Gable garage with rollerdoorInstalling shelves in your garage doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. Before installing, consider what you would possibly want to use the shelving for in the future. Looking for more storage? Install shelving on the walls and roof where you can store items to free up floor space and clear clutter. Looking for a workbench? Ensure shelving is at the right height, width and depth it would be large enough to be used as a workbench in the future. Looking for a bar or servery? If you are planning on entertaining in your garage, install shelves that can double as a bar or servery when needed.

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Photo credits from Upcycling Ideen