When is the best time to install a patio?

patio from CPRPlanning to get a patio for your home? Great, it is the best place to enjoy the scenery while sitting comfortably, having a glass of your favourite drink alone or with the company of a few friends. However, you are not sure when to start building your patio. Should you wait for the right season or just build it now?

Know when to install your patio

Aussies know how harsh the winter can be but at the same time, how gorgeous our summers are. This is the main reason why you should not waste any time installing your patio. When it comes to putting up a patio, there are certain factors you should consider. These include:

  • Temperature
  • The disruption of the work
  • Budget of the project

While it might be an important aspect to perform the installation during sunny days when the weather is lovely, you have to ensure that when installing, both the disruption and the amount spent will be at a minimum. In peak times you may have to wait longer to be fitted into the building schedule.

In winter your council approval may come back quicker due to fewer applications having to be processed, so there really is no good or bad time to be considering a patio. Suppliers often have competitions or other incentives happening in winter, choose the time that suits you best and just go for it.

Patio installation

Thinking of having Christmas at yours this year? Don’t wait too long to order your patio, leave it to the last minute and you might not be finished in time, now is the perfect time to have that patio built! It will all be finished in plenty of time so you can have the landscaping looking just right for entertaining. That all married up with some funky furniture and you’re ready to party! You also get to enjoy it in the time between – finishing it off by adding your own personal touch.

When is the best time to install a patio?

Any time is the best time to install a patio – never mind the season. If you have decided you want a patio for your home, ring CPR Outdoor Centre and let’s discuss your needs. We can finish the project on the date you want, without delay. You will have the patio of your choice installed in no time – ready to enjoy all year round.