What are The Best Plants for Under My Patio?

What is a patio without plants? We invest so much into the patio and furniture itself that we sometimes forget the most important items when it comes to visual impact for your outdoor oasis.

Plants are used to fill space, to create depth and to draw the eye. They provide coolness and shade, as well as being aesthetically pleasing and smelling amazing. However not all plants are suitable to have under your patio all year round and if you want your outdoor garden to survive the harshest of Australian climate, you need to make the right choices when selecting pots and plants for your space.

Here are some great suggested plants that are prefect for growing under patios:

  • Succulents
  • Palms
  • Ferns
  • Climbers
  • Mosquito/Bug repellents and Herbs


Gorgeous green succulents with spongy leaves and unique water storage ability are perfect for even the warmest and driest climates. Requiring very little maintenance, sun or water, these plants are perfect for beginner gardeners or people with minimal time to tend to their garden. Try bromeliads for gorgeous blooms and an ornamental appearance.


A staple in Australian gardens, the palm comes in a range of sizes, leaf texture and colours to group together in different pots or plant directly outside the edge of your patio. Choose smaller dwarf varieties for pots to be placed under cover, like ponytail palms or a dwarf date palm, to give your patio a tropical feel.


There’s something decadent and refreshing about hanging plants, especially when soft fern foliage hangs from them. Ferns love shady, moist and humid conditions and are perfect for the corner of the patio which may get the heat but not the sun and, when hung correctly, can catch the rainwater to keep them from drying out. Hanging plants also free up floor space and larger varieties can be planted in the space surrounding the patio to create even more lush surroundings.

Gable - Ext clear infill, deckingClimbers

Talking about freeing up floor space, climbers add that extra bit of garden, growing up the wall! Climbers like star jasmine and honeysuckle are lovely, delicate flowering plants that grow beautifully up rafters and beams that would otherwise stand bare, whilst bougainvillea is a particularly resilient plant that offers both evergreen leaves and flowers. Climbers do need a bit of care and attention to guide them at first, but once they’ve found their feet, they can be a great, low maintenance addition to the space.

Mosquito/Bug repellents and Herbs

Perfect for filling in the gap and providing functional foliage are plants that keep the nasties away and provide edible fare. With most people spending their summers under their patio, plants that deter mosquitos and bugs naturally are always a popular choice. The best, environmentally friendly repellents include citronella, lemon eucalyptus, rosemary, lemongrass, peppermint and lavender.

gable patioHerbs are also a great addition to the patio because they provide not only an array of delicious smells and greenery, but they serve a functional purpose when being used in the kitchen. Multipurpose herbs that double as fantastic pot plants include mint, basil, coriander, parsley and chives.

What are The Best Plants for Under My Patio?

When it comes to choosing plants for your patio, these varieties offer great diversity and choice whilst also being functional and multipurpose. They tend to look after themselves and provide lush green foliage for your outdoor retreat. Don’t forget to go for variety with pots as well to add to the visual impact and have fun choosing the plants for your patio paradise.

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