Best flowers to plant in your patio!

geranimumsWhen you are relaxing in an outdoor chair enjoying  the sun or sitting in the shade enjoying a good book it is great to look out at your patio and see a display of your favorite flowers. The best flowers to plant around a patio are those that have blooming qualities and thrive during the heat of the summer.

Patio flowers should be placed in areas that have a transitional that includes periods of shade and direct sunlight during the day and this will help you with your floral display. If direct sunlight is not available consider foliage plants instead of flowering one. If shade is not available you will need to look at hardy Mediterranean varieties that can cope with the hot summer sun.

Regular watering is a must, along with appropriate fertilizer for your specific plant type. Correct planting techniques are also vital to ensure you get a flourishing patio garden.

Here are the best flowers to plant in your patio:

Gardenias – fragrance

Gardenias are an exceptional flowering shrubs with a delicate perfume that can creates a wonderful, romantic feeling to your patio. Gardenia flower best in the warmer months of the year and their large creamy white flowers and glossy green leaves make them gorgeous plants for your patio.

Hibiscus – colour

Hibiscus plants come in large single and double flowering blossoms varieties come in lots of wonderful colours like pink, red, yellow and white. The variegated foliage range soft color contrast with the flowers and other patio accessories. The gorgeous blooms are eye stopping, but each bloom only lasts for approximately one day.

Hosta – shade lover

Great shade plants with striking heart shaped foliage, grows is dense clumps and loves a shady protected corner. Quick growing with small lily like flowers hostas are a great asset to your patio.

Impatients – colour

Impatients are a great little flower to plant in and around your patio, they love areas that get some shade. Impatients come in a huge range of sizes and colours with double blooms, miniature and oversized blossoms varieties in lots of colours from white to many reds and pinks through to deep purple.

Dipladenia – hardy

Dipladenia is a great flowering patio plant for a climate like ours that have long Indian summers. It comes in a perennial form or twining vines and is from Central and South America. This beautiful vine has a vigorous growth quickly transforming a bare surface into stunning foliage and flowers. Dipladenias can be potted and enjoyed in your patio during the warmer months, because its love for light, best to have it in an area that direct sun exposure.

Geraniums – hardy

Geraniums will grow just about anywhere, great little hardy plant that gives wonderful colour almost all year round. Mildly drought tolerance they won’t turn up their toes if you forget to water them. Foliage can be variegated and looks pretty even when they are not flowering. Lots of flower colours are available and many sizes too.

Adding colour and interest to your patio area can be really easy.

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