5 Ways to Create a Relaxing Outdoor Area in Your Backyard

Patio - Gable Roof by CPR Outdoor

Want to unwind after a long busy week? Create a relaxing outdoor area to provide a place to retreat to.  Here are 5 great tips to achieve that relaxing feel in your garden:

  1. Add a patio
  2. Display furniture
  3. Use lighting
  4. Create a simple design
  5. Add plants

Add a patio

Build a patio in your backyard to create a shady outdoor space that can be styled to make a peaceful space to relax and appreciate.

Display furniture

Enjoy a catch up with friends in your backyard lounging in comfortable chairs.  Adding comfy furniture will make the area much more enticing and relaxing. A large cushioned sofa and armchairs will provide a place to rest and will also help cater for your many guests.

Expecting extra kids to come? Nothing is more pleasurable than a gentle swing. Kids, and even you, will love rocking gently making the most of the lovely ambience in your outdoor area.

Dome - Sawtooth

Use lighting

Adding soft strategically placed lighting will create a tranquil atmosphere.  You can even add a patio heater or fire pit and enjoy your outdoor area all year round, the cold air will never bother you.

Using candles will also create a soothing atmosphere in your garden and a romantic feel.  Citronella tea lights will discourage the mossies so there is no need to worry about them spoiling your day.

Create simple design

A simple design and artistic organisation of your décors will create an area to relax and enjoy. Hide things such as garden hoses and clothes lines as they may ruin the beauty of your planned layout.

Don’t mix in too many colours. It is best to use two or three colours to create a harmonious feel.

Add plants

Patio - Gable Smoothdek Interior 1

Make the most of your day off by adding aromatic plants around your garden.  Lavender, chamomile and lemon balm have fresh and sweet scents helping to reduce anxiety and calm the body. Use a variety of plants to match your theme.

5 Ways to Create a Relaxing Garden

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