5 tips for a perfect patio spring party

gable (31)Flowers have starts blooming. The birds are chirping. This means only one thing, Spring is here.

Goodbye Winter, hello Spring. Welcome this delightful season in with a spring party. Invite your friends to come over and share a drink or two, let’s have a party!

Make use of your patio

Want to throw the perfect party? Before the party arrives, make sure your patio is ready. Spruce up your outdoor entertaining area with these brilliant ideas that will make your patio ready for your party. Your guests will have a great time follow these simple, easy tips.

  1. Decorate your patio with wind chimes
  2. Light up your garden
  3. Build a flower path
  4. Use a carpet on your patio
  5. Create a fire pit

Tip 1. Decorate your patio with wind chimes

Wind chimes are a great addition to have for outdoor gatherings. The sound from your wind chimes will make the environment more serene and relaxing for your guests. Wind chimes can be made from wood, steel, bamboo, shells or many other materials.

Choose something that will go with the theme of your patio and that you like the sound of.

Tip 2.Light up your garden.

Your afternoon party is a great hit and everyone is having a wonderful time, early evening approached, are you ready for it? Make sure you use lanterns and string up some lights to ensure that everyone can safely navigate around. This will also give off an enchanting twinkle to your party. The soft glow will invite everyone to linger outside in the nighttime spring air.

Tip 3.Build a flower path

Create a path full of flowers to draw your guest into the party area and that amazing fragrant effect. It will give your guests a beautiful, aromatic experience while walking towards your party. Such a great way to enjoy a spring party. Potted colour is brilliant for an instant effect.

Tip 4. Use a carpet on your patio

Your outdoor spaces can be carpeted to create a warm and inviting space. Carpet is great for formal parties and weddings.

Tip 5. Create a fire pit

Early spring nights can still be a bit chilly, so think about some form of heating. Fire pits are perfect for a night of toasting marshmallows and will keep your outdoor space warm during the spring evening. Don’t let the night chill stop your party!

Tips for a perfect patio spring party

Whether you love throwing big parties or intimate get together with a few friends, your patio is a great place to entertain, follow the above tips to make your party special.

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