5 tips for storing your car in the garage during winter

garageThe cold season is fast approaching! Are you ready? Or rather, is your garage ready? It can be very tough for your car so make sure you have a safe place to store your vehicle. Whether you want to make sure that your car looks new for longer or just spoiling yourself for keeping a beautiful, classic car, you’ll need a garage.

Car in the garage

A car that’s comfortably stored in the garage will be sheltered from the foul weather obviously. However, knowing these tips on how to store your car in the garage during winter can allow you to maximise its results.

Here are things you should know when storing your car:

  1. Check your garage. Make sure your garage is completely dry and safe to use. Check if there are any rodents that could cause damage to your car. If there are any cracks or problems with your garage, repair it now – don’t wait for another season.
  2. All vehicle fuel should be topped up. Make sure the engine oil is fresh to make restarting the engine easier. The fuel tank should be full to prevent condensation. You can also add a fuel stabiliser to help avoid oxidation.
  3. Clean around your car, make sure there is plenty of space so you can get in easily.
  4. Have a hat rack or storage area where you can put your jacket or umbrella to dry if it gets wet.
  5. Make sure you have an umbrella in your car.

Shed - Harvey - 1 Partial Complete5 tips for storing your car in the garage during winter

You might be using your car during winter, it’s your choice but it is also your responsibility to keep your car secured and protected – put it inside your garage. Don’t have a garage yet? Contact CPR Outdoor Centre for all your garage needs. We offer installation services that include garages, carports and patios. Ring us today and let’s build your garage this winter!