5 Tips for Choosing Patio Furniture

gable (12)Patio furniture makes a patio comfortable and truly makes it a functional outdoor living area. A basic patio can be transformed into oasis;your outdoor living can become inviting and modern. However it’s essential to choose the right patio furniture for the job, here are some tips on how and what patio furniture to choose.

Think about these things before buying patio furniture:

  1. Purpose of your patio
  2. Comfort Factor
  3. Storage

Tip 1: Purpose of your patio: Dining or dancing?

First up is to think about what you want to use your patio for.

Do you want it to be a party area, dining with family, a getaway reading spot or all three?

Write down a list of all the things you want to do in your patio. List everything so that you remember to purchase furniture that will not only suit one event, but all of them. You may host dancing parties every couple weekends but don’t forget about holding that summer lunch with relatives that actually needs an outdoor dining table. Do you need permanent furniture for these one off events, will furniture fold up furniture or furniture from inside your house suit for these occasions? Buy furniture that suits how you use your patio in every day or general use but don’t forget your annual events too.

Tip 2: Comfort Factor

Don’t just rush in and buy whatever you think looks nice, take your time to try out furniture before you buy it and make sure it is not only good looking but is comfortable too. Furniture that is easy to care for should be a priority, so you can spend more time enjoying the area you created than patching it up. Shop around and check prices then buy quality that suits your needs or you will back doing it all over and over again if you buy the cheapest items.

Tip 3: Storage

patioEven the toughest piece of patio furniture will last longer, if they are kept in storage, when it is not in use. Being stored out of the weather adds years to a piece’s life and save you money since you don’t have to keep replacing furniture. Your furniture will be much easier to clean and be fresh for the new season too.

If you don’t have much room for storage that is one of the things you should take into account when choosing your furniture. Think about pieces of folding furniture or dual purpose pieces. A bench that doubles as a table and seating next to the large dining table has multiple uses and when in storage won’t take up as much space. A bench that has storage underneath for putting away the cushions and rugs will be perfect for an informal setting.

Tip 4: Accessories – Carpets and Colour

Carpets and rugs are no longer just indoor accessories. There are now quick drying outdoor rugs available,ranging from colourful and fluffy rugs to sleek pattered carpets. Adding an outdoor rug completes the outdoor living effect and adds some long lasting colour.  Consider getting matching cushionsto complete the look. Cushions and rugs are a cheap way to give your patio a bright new look.

Tip 5: Quality

Double check what the patio furniture you are buying is made out of. Some pieces of furniture that look sleek and pretty, such as plastic resin furniture, will only last a year or two when exposed to the elements before becoming brittle and faded. It is the same with some cheap overseas wood or wicker pieces of furniture. Remember to check out the reviews (if you’re shopping online) or ask questions about the piece that you’re buying, check out its lifespan and materials it’s made out of.  Remember you get what you pay for so it is best to buy quality that will last.

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