5 Spring Cleaning Tip For Your Patio

Gable patios by CPRNot much attention goes into the patio over the colder months; it’s much nicer to stay warm inside. However, spring has finally sprung! Which means the sun is coming out of hiding and the days are warming up. After a long winter, it’s time to get out in the garden and on the patio to start freshening up the space and getting ready for the lovely long days of summer.

Some tips for spring cleaning your patio:

  1. Hose It Down
  2. Webs and Nests
  3. Pot Plants and Climbers
  4. Furniture and Fixtures
  5. General Maintenance

1. Hose it Down

Gable Patio truss off centre (Bell) 2The months of wet and cold have probably left your patio and paths covered in moss, decaying plant matter and all kinds of debris washed up from the rain. Whilst hosing down the patio is the last thing on your mind in winter, when it would take forever to dry and probably make little difference, now is a great time to get out the high-pressure hose and give everything a good blast whilst the sun is out to dry it off straight away. Make sure you get into all the nooks and corners that mould and soggy pet hair, leaves or piles of mud can accumulate.

2. Webs and Nests

Get rid of those spiders and flying nasties before they start infesting your summer BBQ’s. Webs are best swept away with a broom or special web brush and small nests can be removed easily by scraping them off the wall. Larger nests and hives need to be left to the experts. Check with your local shire for these professionals.

Dome3. Pot Plants and Climbers

Are your pot plants looking a little worse for wear? Give them a prune and a good dose of fertiliser to bring them back to life. Consider moving the pots to air out the ground underneath, especially if it is timber decking, and top up the potting mix. Trim back climbers and tuck any extra new growth into the trellis or post they are growing up.

4. Furniture and Fixtures

Winter means not a great deal of time spent on the patio furniture so take some time to check your chairs, tables, couches and cushions for wear and tear. Colder months can mean pets get bored and start to chew, resulting in unsteady furniture and damaged coverings. Make sure you check for webs and spiders and treat any timber patio furniture with a wood treatment to get it up to scratch for summer entertaining.

5. General Maintenance

Check your patio features for any kind of small repairs needed to stop them becoming big problems in the warmer months.Dee's patio - Gable decking shed

  • Are the garden hoses and fixtures all good for warm weather watering?
  • Are the light globes all intact and free from a farm of bug bodies?
  • No damage to the drainage or guttering with all the water from winter?

Fix them now and enjoy trouble free entertaining as the weather warms up.

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