5 Safety tips to keep you safe in your patio

patio by CPRFor many of us, our patio is the perfect place to hang out and unwind. We spend most of our free time in our outdoor space, admiring the open air and our surrounding views – whether it’s a garden or perhaps a water feature. We want to make sure everything in our patio makes our outdoor experience enjoyable and of course, safe.

Keeping things safe outside

You and your family should always feel safe outside in your patio. Here are some reminders and safety measurements for you, to keep your patio safe all year round.

1. Keep your BBQ at a safe distance

Having a barbie with friends is fun, but remember to not to use your BBQ directly on the side of your house. If you do need it near your house, place it a good distance, at least 3 metres away from your patio or home. Keep it away from children’s reach and make sure to extinguish the coals or turn off the gas before leaving it unattended.

gable patio2. Waterproof your patio

You don’t have to shy away from your patio when it’s raining. Check your patio roof for any sign of leaks and damage. You can also use patio blinds or shutters to keep raindrops from entering your patio.

3. Choose plants carefully

A patio with lots of growing plants looks stunning and so very inviting. When choosing what plants to grow, stay away from plants that are spiky, cause rashes or any other skin irritations when brushed up against.

4. Eliminate standing water

Look around your patio and check for standing water. Something as simple as a watering can or an old pot holder could be slowly collecting water. If so, remove it promptly.When putting out water for your bird baths and water fountains, be sure to replace the water regularly to avoid mozzies.

5. Eliminate danger underfoot

Remove any gardening tools or objects in your patio that might cause someone to trip. Put your tools away in a safe spot, to eliminate the risk of possible injury to your friends and family.

flat patios5 Safety tips to keep you safe in your patio

Keep your patio safe and enjoy the peace and tranquility, without having to worry about someone getting injured.

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