5 Reasons to Build a Deck

deck1Outdoor living is a growing trend with many people’s lifestyles and leisure time spent enjoying the great outdoors. While there are numerous options when it comes to choosing an outdoor space to build, a deck is proving to be an affordable and popular option.

Wanting to build a deck at your home? Read on to learn five reasons it’s a great idea including:

  • Host Family and Friends
  • Enjoy the Weather
  • Increase Your Living Space
  • Add Value to Your Home
  • Easy to Maintain

Host Family and Friends

A deck doesn’t have to be large to have an impact. Whether a barbeque and drinks with friends or Christmas day with family, a deck is the perfect place to play host. Add an outdoor table and some seating plus a barbeque and bar fridge and your deck will be ready to host any size gathering.

Enjoy the Weather

A common reason a deck is an appealing addition to people’s homes is as it allows you to take advantage of the beautiful South West weather. A clear night in winter can be spent cuddled under a blanket and an outdoor heater on your deck, while long summer nights can be spent enjoying the summer night air once the sun goes down.

Increase Your Living Space

A deck provides an additional living area, without having to erect walls, to your home. Escape the noise and chaos indoors and use your deck as your own private space to relax and unwind after a long day. A deck is a space that can be furnished to suit your lifestyle needs plus can be used to store items, freeing up valuable space in other areas of your home.

Add Value to Your Home

deck by CPR OutdoorShowing the transparency of having an outdoor space such as a deck, will provide a unique selling point and feature when it comes time to sell your home. A deck can also make your home stand out from the crowd, with the increase in curb appeal helping to sell your home faster.

Easy to Maintain

A deck is easily maintained in just a few simple steps. A regular sweep will remove leaves and sand and a rinse with a high-pressure hose or regular garden hose is a great way to remove dirt. For stains or excess debris, a scrub with a deck broom or bristled broom will suffice and to make the task even easier, there are special deck cleaning product available too.

Install a deck at your home today with CPR Outdoor Centre

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