5 mistakes people make when buying a shed

shed (5)Buying a shed is simple, but it requires some thought and planning to get the most out of your buy. Here are few facts about common mistakes that people make when buying a shed.

Mistake number 1: Unsatisfied with your shed

People tend to buy from catalogues and brochures thinking they can save on their new shed, rather than designing a shed on their own. Unknowingly, this will cause dissatisfaction because custom designed sheds are proven to be more cost-effective than a pre-designed one and you get exactly YOU want.

To avoid this from happening, make sure that the shed you buy is exactly the shed you wanted which fits your needs.

Mistake number 2: Low price versus quality service

Nowadays, almost anything can be bought on the internet. Sheds also are widely sold by different sellers on the net and some are dramatically lower price than those being offered in local stores. This can be due to the fact that these sheds are made from inferior quality materials and often don’t meet Australian Standards. They wont stand up to our tough Australian conditions.

Local sellers, on the other hand, offer excellence customer service and a quality product plus if you required it installation including all local permits.

Mistake Number 3: Council Planning Laws

This could be the most costly mistake people make in buying a shed and usually occurs when buying over the internet. This happens when you buy a shed and suddenly find out that you are not allowed to build it due to planning restriction which requires council planning approval.

To avoid this, consult a local council in your area about the building restrictions. You can also ask the supplier before proceeding on your shed purchase, if you are buying and installed shed as they will do the permits and know about local planning laws.

Mistake Number 4: Failure to plan ahead

The future is always a mystery. When it comes to your sheds future, you should always consider what you might it for. You might want to buy a Caravan or boat in the near future, so it is important to always ready your shed for this type of situation.

Cheaper sheds are fixed and cannot be extended when this time will come. You will need to buy another set for this. And sometimes buying a 2nd shed is the best option. Before buying a new shed, consider what you need the shed for and try and think about your immediate and future needs. Discuss this with your shed builder when getting quotes and remember size maybe governed by your local shire building or planning laws.

Mistake Number 5: Building a shed that is too small

You will just notice this mistake when you parked your car in and found out that it is not high enough or your van can’t even fit in. This will spoil everything and will prove a waste of money, time and effort.

Sheds should be big enough for your needs, discuss the type of shed and options available for your requirements.

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