5 important tips for new garage owners


A garage plays a very important role in keeping your car out of the element and your things secure. Having an organised garage can really help you make the most of your garage space.

  1. Store things properly
  2. Install shelves
  3. Arrange the items
  4. Remove unnecessary things
  5. Secure the doors and windows

Store things properly

Want to make your garage look bigger? Simply have a place for your things, store them properly. It is best to store things vertically to minimise the space used. You can hang items such as bikes, wheelbarrow, gardening tools /spades /shovels and brooms to make use of the storage area for bigger items. By storing vertically you will free up extra floor space perfect to use as parking area of your car and other large items.

Install shelves


Put up shelves so you can use the space right to the roof. Shelving offer an easy access to your important things and makes them easy to find. Keep any dangerous things such as sharp objects, chemicals up high and out of reach of your children. Look for sturdy shelves that can hold heavy materials for safety purposes and long term use, many of the hardware stores have modular shelving that you can customise to your needs.

Arrange the items

Separate items of each type to have more organised look in your garage. Label different items so that you can quickly pick up and determine the things you will need. Store all your gardening tools together, makes it really easy when you are looking for things to only have to go to one area.

Remove unnecessary things

Take away unnecessary things from your garage to add more space for important items. Garages and sheds can often become a dumping ground for  – “I will look at it later things”. You can sell these items to earn extra money, recycle them, give them to charity or if they have no further use put them in the bin. Give your preloved clothes, toys and shoes to your neighbours, relatives, friends or charity; let someone else use these items and enjoy the space you have regained in your garage.

Secure the doors and windows

Gable garage with rollerdoor

Make sure to perform routine maintenance on your garage door. Regularly dust the door both inside and out to remove dirt and sand that can cause the tracks to wear prematurely. Make sure to keep your garage door closed to prevent prying eyes and use your window and door locks especially when you go out.

5 important tips for new garage owners

Follow the 5 easy tips and you will have great use from your garage for years to come. Don’t have garage yet? Need a new garage? Want a bigger garage? Contact CPR Outdoor Centre Busselton on 9754 2657 or Bunbury 9726 2311 to get a FREE quote and discuss your needs. We are your patio people and we build garages, carports and sheds to.