5 great outdoor kitchens you could have in your patio

Summer season is hot in Australia a perfect time to cook your meals outside and keep the heat out. Wouldn’t it be great to have an outdoor kitchen in your patio?

Why not plan now, get to enjoy your new patio and outdoor kitchen and through summer then autumn before winter comes again?

Check out these 5 great outdoor kitchens and enjoy a slice of pizza or two:

Cosy patio kitchen1. Never limit your outdoor kitchen to plain cupboards, dining table and chairs. You can make a real statement by adding your favourite plants right on the dining table. Having plants near your kitchen will make a lovely atmosphere for your next dinner party. Enjoy a lovely roasted chicken and then stay on for desert.

Outside patio kitchen

2. Get closer to nature with lovely trees around your outdoor kitchen. Breathe the fresh clean air and smell the gorgeous armours from your bbq perfect for family events.

Patio kitchen

3. Add furniture to your outdoor kitchen and enjoy the relaxing feel of having friends around while you cook. Add soft pillows to snuggle with during cold weather too. For an extra special effect make your outdoor are look amazing by adding some pot plants on dining table; herbs are perfect and you can pick them as you cook. Then add a kitchen sink and you really will have it all. Use stalls for that informal touch plus a lounge to enjoy your outdoor after the food is done.


beautiful patio dining area

4. Enjoy a simple rustic outdoor kitchen. Place chairs with soft fabric to enjoy comfy feel with fresh ambiance all around. Lovely place for an afternoon BBQ with friends and family.


5. Dine in classic white! Feel calm and clear with your lovely white outdoor kitchen, great to hold any event from prestigious to informal. Want a peaceful place to meditate? Go and cook your sizzling barbeque at your white outdoor kitchen and you can be stress-free!

Now you have a lovely outdoor kitchen idea, all you need is a patio to cover it?

Extend your outdoor entertaining season by adding a new patio to protect your party in Summer, Autumn and Spring, then it will be ready to protect you when the winter comes again.

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