4 tips for a perfect summer party in your patio

gable (2)Flowers are blooming; potted colour is a great addition to any backyard. The birds are chirping, the days are longer, summer time is here. Summer is great for parties, Christmas, New Year, Birthday’s, any excuse.

Getting your patio ready

  1. Clean it up
  2. Repaint
  3. Decorate it
  4. Add lighting


Clean up your patio; remove any dead or ugly plants. With it, a good sweep or hose out.


Have a look at the paving/concrete floor, does it need to be painted or covered up? What a about the furniture? A nice coat of paint can do wonders if the furniture is structurally sound.


Choose a theme of your patio. For Mediterranean style, go bold hot colours, oranges, blues, reds – use cushions, throws, pots as the bases for your colours. Rosemary, lavender, tomatoes are great for a Mediterranean theme and you can even use them in the kitchen. Go pastels, pinks, light blue, yellow. Use white and pastel potted colour to spread the theme. Go Christmas traditional red and green, use foliage plants for a striking affect.

Decorate with ribbons, streamers, tinsel and decorations using your colour theme. One or two main colours works best to give you that colour impact.


Even though the days are longer and the light stays on well into your party, no one can resist the twinkle of a flickering light. The soft glow is very inviting and can set the ambience for your party.

Lanterns and teas lights with citronella in them are great for discovering the mossies to join the party. Always remember safety first and keep any candles or open flames well out of any children’s reach.

Use these tips for a perfect summer party in your patio this holidays.

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