4 things to think before installing a patio!

gable (13)Are you considering having a patio as extension to your home? Great, it can be your new outdoor room giving you access to the outside world without actually leaving your home. However, before you do, there are a few things you need to think to create the best patio for your home.

A lovely home needs a beautiful patio

A patio is not just a great place for entertaining but it can also be your home’s best feature. That is why, it’s very important to take note of the following things to get  the most beautiful patio at your home.

Your landscaping

Your patio can be a design statement for your home. Before you decide on the size and shape of your patio, step back and look at your current landscaping. Maybe a rounded shape patio could fit perfectly and look better than a squared type patio? Think about what type of patio design you would like to have built.

Water runoff

When it rains, your yard can absorb the water properly. With a patio installed, this might not be the case anymore. Talk with your installer about the water runoff and ask about downpipes and guttering. A rainwater tank off to the side can catch the runoff and save you money too. Gutters can be another thing to think of.

A focal point

Your patio can be a focal point of your home so grab the opportunity and create a space for your visitors to enjoy. You can incorporate a waterfall and lovely outdoor furniture to accentuate your patio design. Make sure the materials used on your patio are quality and will add value to your home.


If you don’t have much landscaping yet, try planting some trees, bushes and flowers around your patio. They can also provide shade when you are relaxing in your patio during the summer time.

4 things to think before installing a patio

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