4 Steps to Having a New Carport Built

Carports add style and provide protection for your carAre you not tired of compromising your car out in the weather just because you don’t have a place for a decent parking? Hot in summer, you get wet in winter and that damp smell!

It is not doing your car any good or you for that matter.

If you don’t have the budget to build a garage, a carport is your perfect solution for you.

As an added bonus to having a carport, it can provide an extensional covered area if you need more room for outside entertainment.

Here is our suggested 4 step carport plan to ensure you get its optimum benefits:

  1. Choose the best material to use
  2. Choose the location
  3. Choose a design
  4. Get local council approval

Choose the best material to use

Basically speaking, you have several options of materials to use for your carport.

At CPR Outdoor Centre we use BlueScope steel to make sure your new carport will be the superior quality possible. Quality finish is assured with your selection of colour from our Colorbond powder coated range.

Choose a nice location or spot. Should it be attached or freestanding?

Another important decision that you have to consider when planning your carport is the location. Whether you want to have a carport attached to the side of your home or just freestanding structure your location for your new carport is very important.

An attached carport is joined to the structure of the house, while freestanding carports are independently designed to stand by themselves anywhere in your property.

Choose a design

When it comes to carport designs, you can always choose from a range of standard styles. All of which are proven to be attractive, from basic styles to having extra features like decorated gable roofs, finials and more. CPR Outdoor Centre, we offer professionally designed carport for you so that it seamlessly matches your home theme. This not only refers to the shape of the carport but to the colours as well.

Get Local Council Approval

CPR Outdoor Centre will do all your council permits for you.

If you are doing a DIY carport before you do anything else, you must first check your local council to make sure your new carport will comply with their rules.  That is because some suburbs have different planning legislation and caveat that apply to your area; each local council can have slightly different regulations regarding building.

4 Steps to Having a New Carport Built

Or we can make it easy – just 1 step.

Call CPR Outdoor Centre will do everything for you from all your council permits to the design to complete installation.

CPR Outdoor Centre are your carport specialist. We offer DIY and installation services for patios, carports and garages. Call us now for a FREE quote!