4 mistakes you don’t want to do when building a garage!

Garages built by CPR Outdoor CentreNeed a new garage?

That is exciting!

Stop, hold on a minute, read these 4 mistakes you don’t want to do when building a garage and this article might save you getting yourself into trouble.

Did you know that lots people make mistakes when building a new garage because they don’t understand the process needed from planning to the installation of your new garage?

Let’s go through these 4 main mistakes

  1. Not Planning
  2. DIY – not allowing enough time
  3. Not getting a building permit
  4. Incorrect foundation or ground works

1. Not planning how they will use the garage

What do you want your garage to do?

  • Are you just storing your car
  • Do you need extra space for a small workshop
  • A must have man cave?

Think about what you want to do in your garage and then you can plan accordingly. If you want a bit of a man cave then you might like to add a personal access door and a window. A window would also be great in the workshop area. The size of your garage will be determined by what you want to use it for. An extra metre or two in size now could make a world of difference.

2. DIY Project – not enough time

Building a garage can be a big job and can be a great project if you have the right skills and time. The biggest mistake people make on a DIY project is that they don’t realise how much time it will take when you only have the weekends to build your new garage. It really does help to have a mate nearby to give you a hand, manoeuvring sheets of steel is much easier with two people. If you can’t allocate multiple weekends to build your new garage a DIY project may not be the best option for you.

3. Not getting a building permit – BEFORE you start

You must have a building permit to build a garage and some areas have strict regulations and codes of the type of garage you can build. Check with your local shire or council to see if there are any caveats on what type of garage you can build in your area. Size, shape and colour can be restricted so check before you buy your DIY kit and you must apply for a building permit before you start.

4. Incorrect foundation or ground works

You need to think about the foundations and ground work needed to build your shed before you start.

  • What type of flooring are you going to have?
  • Do you need to excavate the site to get a flat pad?
  • Do you need to bring in fill or sand to make your pad?

If you are planning to use your garage to store your car and other heavy equipment vehicles, make sure the foundations are strong enough to withstand it. The concrete has to be thick enough to support the weight of these stored items and keep the water out.

Don’t make mistakes with your new garage?

Taking note of these mistakes and how to avoid them could save you from having a huge headache later! For your garage needs, contact CPR Outdoor Centre.

We offer a full garage installation service for you, from planning, to getting permits and installing it the way you want it to look like. We can sell DIY kits too. Ring us to discuss your needs today.