3 Ways to Build a Green Wall Near Your Patio

Wouldn’t it be great to have a garden next to your patio?
Is space to tight or you don’t want to take up too much room?

Building a green wall, a vertical garden is the answer you are looking for. Here are 3 ways to build a green wall near your patio:

1. How to Build an Edible Garden Wall

Making a wall garden is easy and having it as an edible is even better

Choose a place to put up your green wall considering the height, aspect, and access to assure the ability to harvest and water your yummy produce. Measure wall height and cut timber to length, make sure it is affixed with wall width as brackets on wall garden units. Measure at least 25 cm to have room for plant growth. Use spirit level to hang boxes evenly. Screw into bracket points and hang the empty boxes. Plant at ground level and hang the boxes again. Water your new fascinating garden!

2. Creating Living Walls at Home

Vertical garden, save water by making a waterwise garden in a small space at your home.

Use an ordinary wall that is best for a vertical garden, attach felt to the 1cm thick plastic sheet by using staple gun. Run the hose along the top and attach another piece of felt to cover it. Make a slice on the felt about 10cm long to make pockets, then shake the soil out of the plant and insert to the felt pocket. Staple both sides to secure the plant inside the felt. Choose different ornamental plants to decorate your ordinary wall. Water your vertical garden and admire your job well done.

3. DIY Vertical Succulent Garden

A mix between vertical gardening and container gardening, here is a great way to plant a succulent garden and add interest to your wall or fence with a fun DIY project. Building a framed garden is easy, follow the steps in the video and then fill it with lovely succulents to hang a vertical living wall planter in your home.

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