3 Tips to Make Your Bunbury, Busselton & South West Shed Look Good

take up a lot of space in our backyards, so we want to make sure that they are not an eyesore. No-one wants their beautiful outdoor areas ruined by a shed that leaves a bad impression of your home and living spaces. Keeping your backyard area fabulous by making your shed look good is a great start.

  • Paint Your Shed
  • Revamp Your Shed’s Interior
  • Grow Plants Near Your Shed

Paint Your Shed

A fresh paint of coat can make all the difference to a shed’s look. While there are some council or shire regulations in certain places depending on where you live, your shed will look much nicer with a shiny new coat of paint. If your shed’s current coat of paint is faded, chipping, or is falling away completely, it might be time for you to look at renewing it.

Revamp Your Shed’s Interior

What is the purpose of your shed?

A revamp could turn into a massive project if you want to give your shed a new purpose. ‘Man caves’ are very popular right now, or if you have kids and want them out of the house you could look at making an area for them to hang out in your shed. If you have a more traditional purpose for your shed, a set of new shelves or a thorough cleaning job could make all the difference.

Grow Plants Near Your Shed

An environmentally and visually stunning idea for your shed is to add some plants to it. You could think about adding a trellis so that the walls of your shed are covered in things like ivy and jasmine to blend in with your garden, or a ‘green roof’ – adding a shallow wooden frame lined with plastic and soil so you can grow wildflowers over your shed for a nature-inspired look.

If you’d rather take a simple route, shelves filled with flowers and herbs attached to the sides of your shed are a simple way to get started.

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