3 Tips to Consider When Hosting a Gathering on Your Deck

Dee's patio - Gable with deckingA deck provides a versatile space to host friends and family. Whether a barbeque lunch, afternoon tea or sunset drinks, there are many ways to ensure you and your guests have a great time when next gathering on your deck. 

Read on to learn 3 tips to consider when hosting a gathering on your deck including:

  • Outdoor furniture
  • Create zones
  • Food storage and service

Outdoor furniture

Depending on the type of gathering and to ensure the comfort of your guests, make sure there is adequate outdoor furniture on hand. If hosting a meal then an outdoor table and chairs can be best to ensure everyone has a place to sit and eat comfortably. For a gathering serving drinks and nibbles, some high-top tables and bar stools may be more suitable. If using your deck to entertain through the day, outdoor furniture considerations should also include enough shade for guests.

Create zones

If your gathering will have guests of varying ages with varying interests consider creating zones on your deck. An area of your deck equipped with activities for children to play can be a great idea. This area could be where adults can supervise and keep watch on their children. For guests that want to catch up and chat, consider a quiet space away with couches positioned in a square shape so they are comfortable and can chat with ease.

Food storage and service

Hosting a Gathering on Your Deck made Easier with Gable PatioSave yourself countless trips to and from the kitchen by having a place to store food on your deck. An outdoor fridge is a great idea to keep food and drinks cold otherwise eskies with ice. Have a bench or a table to serve food. A portable table is great for food service as it can be cleaned and packed away when not needed anymore. To ensure the health and safety of your guests, ensure all food is stored correctly and at the right temperature.

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