3 tips to organise your patio for a barbeque party

barbeque partyWant to take a break from work? Invite a few friends and have a Bbq! Now, having a get together, whether it is big or small becomes easier because you now have the perfect spot to host it – on YOUR patio. It provides a great atmosphere and a cosy environment for your guests – not too enclosed but has that homely feeling that makes your guest feel comfortable.

It’s time for a barbie!

Excited? When planning for a barbie with friends, don’t forget to incorporate a few important tips to ensure you get a night full of laughter and fun!

  • Locate your seating and food areas. Make sure you have set an area for your food. It should be easily accessible. And, your barbeque should be away from the seating area – to promote safety and to ensure the smoke doesn’t blow towards your guests.
  • Avoid clutter. Arrange your patio seating in a way that there is no clutter visible to the naked eye – this can also create more space. Your guests will enjoy moving around without hindrance. For example, you can place the chairs around the edge of the patio to give you that extra room.
  • Invest in a good barbeque. If you plan on hosting many barbeque parties, this should be your priority. They are safer and reliable to use. Remember, there is nothing more frustrating (and embarrassing) than having your guests standing with empty plates just because your BBQ is not functioning properly.

patio party3 tips to organise your patio for a barbeque party

What better way to spend a lovely day away from work but to have a barbie with friends? Follow these simple tips and you’ll be sure to give your guests a wonderful and memorable patio party that they will be waiting in anticipation for the next invitation…

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