3 Steps to Get the Patio of Your Dreams in Busselton

Custom flat with columnsOne of the first decisions you need to make when planning a patio is to decide exactly where you want it.

1. Deciding the Location of Your Patio

If you’re having trouble deciding which side of the house it should be on, or even if it should be attached to the house. The main questions to ask are, what is the purpose of your patio and why are you installing the patio?

Great reasons for having a new patio, entertaining area are:

  • Entertaining or for dining: A patio attached to your home is a fabulous place to entertain, so that your guests and the food won’t have to go too far. Convenience plus!
  • For potted plants or a lovely winter suntrap: Maybe choose a side of your house or an area where the patio will get lots of sun.
  • If your patio is being built to hold a spa: Maybe consider building it off the laundry (if you have room), for more privacy and quicker, easier access.

2. Free Quote

Getting a free quote is the best way to find out exactly what your patio will cost and if your dream patio will work in reality. It is no point having your heart set on a certain kind of patio only to find it is not feasible due to access restrictions, council by laws, or anything else.

Getting a free quote is the quickest and easiest way to see what will work or not at your home.

Call CPR Outdoor Centre for an obligation onsite free quote, we have years of experience building a huge range of different patios on all sorts of sites

3. Order and Pay Deposit

Once you are happy with your quote, it is time to place your order. You can either ring CPR Outdoor Centre or drop into our office at 67 Halifax Drive, Bunbury or 30 Barlee St, Busselton and place your order. A deposit is required to be paid to proceed with the order. The deposit amount is a percentage of the cost of your patio as per the terms of your quote.

Now the exciting bit happens, your patio is going to be manufactured. When you place your order you will be advised of the timeline for each part of the process to build your new patio from how long it will take for council approval to your expected competition date.

3 Steps to Get the Patio of Your Dreams, in Busselton

CPR Outdoor Centre are located in Busselton call us on 9754 2657 for a free onsite quote.