3 steps to a smooth running patio construction project

dome patioImagine walking into a newly built patio and seeing it exactly as you had dreamed of it before the installation process. The flooring is the right colour, it fits your outdoor space perfectly and the design complements your home just right. It would be great, wouldn’t it? However, in most cases, the reality is often different from that idyllic scenario you had first imagined.

Is your patio built poorly?

No, we are not talking here about the poor quality of your patio but the unexpected things you may encounter along the way that causes your patio builder not to install your dream patio, according to your specifications. While there are things that you just can’t plan, there are plenty of things that you can do to make sure that costly changes are kept to a minimal level.

By understanding the installation process, you can enjoy the patio of your dreams. Here’s how:

Get help with your design

You want to reflect your personality and lifestyle in your patio; that is why you want to design it yourself. Great, but to make sure you avoid any time consuming changes and costly additions, have you considered seeking help from a patio builder? They won’t just make your patio beautiful but will ensure it will last longer by using quality materials.

Know what you want

Establish your goals and refer to them often. What do you want to have in your patio? Privacy, or just the extra space outside? This should save you a lot of time and money if there are changes during the installation process – because you will know what to prioritise.

Add 10% percent to your budget

Unforeseen issues could arise, so it is always a good idea if you have some extra funds set aside. Your patio may need an extra feature or two added so that you can maximise its use. Therefore, a contingency plan is always wise. Make sure you get a quote and sign a contract so you know exactly what you are buying and what you have to pay.

Gable Patio by CPR OutdoorCommunicate with your patio contractor

Don’t get too attached on an optimistic timeline. Your patio builder will finish the job on time and will inform you of any delays along the way. You may be lucky and have a dream run without the hiccups. Either way, communication is the key.

Avoid these pitfalls while buying a patio by calling the team at CPR Outdoor in Bunbury

The easiest way to avoid all the above pitfalls is to hire a great patio company that has many years’ experience and offers fully guaranteed products.

Need a patio builder to install your patio? Contact CPR Outdoor for all your patio needs. Our team of experts will talk to you on your patio design, installation, as well as organise all the necessary permits and building codes. Ring us today and we’ll discuss your patio needs and have you ready for your Christmas party, birthday party, christening or so that you can relax all year round.