3 simple ways to get your patio party ready

gable (13)Has the warmer weather got you itching to host a party on your patio? With a beautiful patio, sunshine and longer nights, this is the best time to throw a party. Before you start organising and inviting your friends and relatives, make sure your patio is comfortable and welcoming.

Here are some simple ways to get your patio party ready:

  1. Pressure clean your patio
  2. Grow plants
  3. Clean your patio furniture

1. Pressure clean your patio

To get your patio looking schmick this summer – it will need a decent clean. A good pressure clean can get rid of mildew, mould, dirt and grout that has built but over the winter. If your patio floor is made of wood, be sure to wash in the same direction as the grain with cold water to prevent tearing into the wood fibre and dry up any puddles that are left.

Patio - Gable Roof by CPR Outdoor2. Grow plants

Growing plants near your patio can do wonders to your outdoor space. For example, you can plant a citrus tree to create a Mediterranean feel. It will add colour to the area and give you citrus for your BBQ fish or cocktails too. How cool is that?

Also, planting lemon grass can keep mozzies at bay – and it looks lovely as well. Plants will surely make a great patio décor.

3. Clean your patio furniture

What’s the use of having a freshly cleaned patio if your furniture is filthy? Make sure your chairs aren’t still covered with last years dirt! It won’t be too welcoming if your guests aren’t keen to sit down because your furniture is dirty or covered in cobwebs. Check all your furniture carefully, do a bit of maintenance if required and make sure everything is spotless.

Clean furniture also looks lovely and inviting. Just add a splash of colour by using outdoor cushions. It can liven up the look of your patio in an instant.

Gable Patio and BBQ3 simple ways to get your patio party ready

Make your patio comfortable and start throwing the party of the season! What – you don’t have a patio yet? Every Aussie needs a patio!

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