3 Patio Makeover Tips

Triple dome patio by CPRDoes your patio still look tired and rundown, even after you spent hours cleaning?

Do you wish your patio looked like the ones in the magazines all shiny, clean, inviting and new?
Here are 3 patio makeover tips that won’t empty your bank account and will make your patio shine.
1- Rejuvenating the paving

2 – The Patio Roof

3 – Adding Greenery

Tip 1- Rejuvenating the paving

What does your patio paving look like?

Is it dirty, cracked, uneven with weeds growing in-between the paving?

Concrete paving has a bad reputation of becoming cracked or stained over time. Most people end up breaking up the paving and carting it away which takes lots of time and effort. Wait! There is a more convenient and cost effective way to rejuvenate your paving which is well worth considering – concrete resurfacing.

Gable patios by CPRA concrete resurfacing specialist will make any repairs to the paving surface followed by a polymer or cement based overlay which goes onto your existing paving. This method of rejuvenating enables you to keep your paving without having to replace it. You can update the paving colour (or keep the original colour, the choice is yours) and end up with your patio flooring looking better than new.

Tip 2- The Patio Roof

Our second tip is all about the patio roof.

Does your roof need replacing? Many older patio roofs were constructed out of tin with no insulation meaning in summer it is hotter under the patio than it is out in the sun; and in winter the noise of the rain against the tin is deafening. Today’s colourbond roofs take the Australian environment into account, you can have sound and heat insulation built in.Colorbond roofing won’t put you out of pocket either as even budget roofing has come a long way it the last 20 years.

gable patioTip 3 – Adding Greenery

Nothing says “I’m a well loved patio, come on in” like some greenery.

Plants add the final touch that really brings your patio to life.  Your local nursery can provide a range of plants that thrive in the shade; they will provide help and guidance in choosing the best plants for your patio location. Pots come in many sizes and shapes to suit your taste, budget and style.

If you want to go a step further, a water feature is an attractive addition to your patio. Surrounded by greenery,a water feature makes a picturesque scene in your patio. Ponds and fountains aren’t only for large gardens, the variety of water features available today for smaller space is stunning.The sound of running water is very tranquil and perfect to set a relaxing atmosphere in your outdoor area.

3 Patio Makeover Tips

Use these tip to makeover your patio, it can be done at one step at a time. Just want to add some pot plants and clean the pavers. Do you need to replace the old sagging roof? Go ahead. The choice is yours. Take it step by step as your time and budget allow and remember to make sure you are always 100% happy with the changes you are making.

Need a patio builder to redo your roof?

CPR Outdoor Centre are your local patio builders and we service Augusta through to Waroona from our Bunbury and Busselton stores. Ring for a free onsite quote so you know what your exact cost will be, then you will be able to enjoy your lovely patio all year round.