3 Ideas to Make a Small Patio Look Bigger!

Cute and Cosy Patio by CPR Outdoor CentreEnjoy your cosy, intimate patio area; are you making the most of this lovely small space? It’s time to make your patio into the perfect nook for a cuppa and enjoy this fabulous suntrap this winter.

Make your patio look bigger and really enjoy the outdoor space by following the tips below:

1. Clear your area

Remove anything that doesn’t need to be in your patio. Pickup the kids toys, put them into boxes and put them away. Think minimal, less is more in your small cosy patio area and that will make the space look wider than it is.

Always keep the area clean, enjoy patio with friends without unwanted visitors like spiders or mossies.

2. Use small furniture pieces

Never purchase large furniture for your small patio area; it will make the walls close in on you. Choosing bigger furniture for a small patio will just emphasize the smallness of the area. You can use a small patio table that featured two chairs or a bench seat with cushions.

You can always bring in extra seating when you have more people over. Think of furniture styles that are open and airy rather than solid block styles.

3. Lift your garden up

Lift your plants off the ground. Remove big pots, plants are great but use smaller pots or hanging baskets. Make use of the vertical space and hang your garden up and breathe the fresh air brought by plants around your patio. Having vertical garden reduces the space occupied in your small lovely patio. A garden wall could be an option too.

Plants are great for the environment and your health; having plants in your patio really is a breath of fresh air!

3 Ideas to Make a Small Patio Look Bigger!

Follow these ideas and your patio will look bigger but sometimes that is just not enough, you do need a bigger patio.

Need a little help widening your patio area?

Has your family outgrown your patio and you need a larger one?

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