4 ways to choose a patio builder that is right for you!

Mary-Anne' Patio by CPR Outdoor CentreHaving a patio at home can be a great place to unwind, it is an entertainment area and adds value to your home.

If you are planning to install a patio, you might need to consider a few important factors. Having the correct and an experienced patio builder can save you a lot of time, gives you proper guidance for building your patio and you will be at ease that your investment won’t go to waste.

Here are 4 ways to choose the right builder for you.

  • Go Local
  • Look at past projects
  • Visit Showrooms
  • Read Reviews

Go local – Use a local patio builder

gable by CPRChoosing a local company is a must, you need a company from your area. They know the local laws, guidelines and permit procedures in your area. A local company can do a site visit with you and will a pre-existing relationships with councils and other contractors that you may need like concreters.

Take a view at the companies past projects

You need to search for a company with a proven track record.They must be committed, responsible and fully understand the project you are trying to create. Ask to view past projects and if possible speak to past customers.

Drop into their showroom

There is nothing more convincing than going out and seeing the actual designs. Take a visit their showroom. You will be able to examine the quality and it gives you ideas on your designs.

Gable Patio and BBQDo some homework

Different companies perform differently. It is necessary to look for feedback – whether it is negative or positive, it is very helpful. Feedback is a valuable piece of information that will help you in your choices. You will be able to tell from their previous or present clients if they are reliable, trustworthy and committed.

Looking for a patio builder in Bunbury or Busselton

For all your patio needs, contact CPR Outdoor Centre for your obligation free quote. We make a huge range of patio designs for you to choose from; dome, flat, gable, hip end or even custom roof designs. We will build a patio that suits your needs and is designed especially for you.

Don’t delay! Call in and visit us at 5 Barnard Street in Bunbury or at 30 Barlee Street in Busselton. We look forward to doing business with you.

Deck or patio: Which one is right for you?

Custom flat with columns2 worthy outdoor spaces, 1 tough question: deck or patio?

When you are about to invest in an outdoor project, you want to carefully consider all the factors – from the cost of the installation, all the way through to the maintenance. Of course, you want to make the most out of your choice, so you need to know everything.

Deck or patio?

These 2 are both great additions to your home, but choosing can be difficult. Let’s define each outdoor space first. A deck is an outdoor platform that extends from a house without a roof, while a patio is a paved area situated directly to the ground. A patio can be attached to your home or can be free standing. Both outdoor spaces are good for entertaining guests and enjoying the nature but, when choosing, you have to consider your needs and budget.

patio BusseltonYour budget

Decks can sometimes be more expensive while patios are known to be a little cheaper. Well, the materials used may contribute to its cost but generally speaking, installing a patio directly into the ground costs less compared to having a deck.


Decks are roofless which means;they are usually exposed to the harsh weather. Depending on the materials being used, a deck may require staining and sealing every couple of years. On the other hand, patios don’t require a lot of maintenance. Sealing your patio is optional. Normally, a sweep or use of a leave blower regularly can make your patio look nice and clean.

More privacy

Patios are built much lower compared to decks and have more flexibility in design so you can have a style that offers you privacy. However, since a deck can be built above the ground, it may offer less privacy, but give you are better outlook instead.

gable patioDeck or patio: Which one is right for you?

The answer really depends on your preference. Depending on your needs, there are times when a deck may be more suitable for your home. However, a patio may also meet your requirements. Whatever your choice, don’t forget to have an enjoyable outdoor experience with your friends and family!

Deck or patio: Why not have both?

Remember it doesn’t have to be a one or the other you can always start with a patio and then have your decking added later or if your budget allows have both done at the same time.

Do you want to install a patio, with or without decking? Contact CPR Outdoor Centre for all your needs. We can build your dream patio and make your outdoor experience more enjoyable! Ring us today for a free quote.

DIY Air Plant Hanger

Does your patio look bare? Do you want to add something that will make it appear more welcoming? Why not add some plants? Adding a few planter on your patio is like having a breathe of fresh air – literally plus it will make your patio inviting, especially on hot days!

However, wouldn’t it be nicer if you use a planter with your own touch? Like an air plant hanger perhaps? Yes, that would look awesome! Here’s a DIY air plant hanger from DIY Network – so simple you can do it in half a day!
Plant hanger So, what will you need to do this cute, gorgeous plant hanger? Here are the materials you will need.


  • Oven
  • Baking sheet
  • Biscuit cutter (7.62 cm)
  • Premo! Sculpey Oven-Bake Clay
  • Clay texturing sheet (optional)
  • Nylon cord

Prepared all the needed materials? Here’s the instructions.


Clay1. Condition the Clay. Start out by ripping off enough clay from your block to make a shape that can be cut into a 7.62 cm circle with your biscuit cutter and be 0.25 cm thick. Condition the clay by rolling it either in between your hands or on top of a clean work surface. When the clay feels very pliable, it’s ready to be shaped.



Clay rollout2. Roll Out the ClayNext, roll out your clay into a large oval shape using a small rolling pin. Make sure to measure your shape and see that’s it 0.25 cm thick.




Adding Texture3. Add Texture. If you like, trying adding some texture to the top of your saucer with a clay texturing sheet. Press the plastic sheet into your clay and slowly roll your rolling pin over the top a few times. Remove the sheet.




Clay cutting4. Cut the Clay. Place your biscuit cutter on top of your rolled-out clay and cut out your circle shape. Remove the clay from the cutter. Using your stylus tool or a chopstick, create four holes in the saucer to act as threading points for the nylon cord. Thinking of a clock, position the holes at 12-3-6-9. When the holes have been made place your saucer on a foil-lined baking sheet and place into the over, per the manufacturer’s directions. Remove from the oven once completely baked and let cool.


Nylon Cord5. Add Nylon CordIt’s time to add the nylon cord to your saucer. Their colors are very vibrant and when tied together the cord creates a strong knot.




Hanging Length6. Determine Hanging LengthLook around your house – where would you like to display your plant? Once you’ve determined that, measure how long your cord needs to be to achieve your desired hanging length. Double that amount for each piece so that you can string the cord through the hanging holes and tie it all together.



Knotting cords together7. Knot Cords Together. Pull all of your cords up and gather together. Tie a simple knot with enough of a loop to act as a hanging point. Your saucer is ready for a plant! Place your air plant in the saucer. Use the cords to help position the plant and keep it in place. It should rest easily on top of the saucer for you to admire.



There you go! Your simple DIY plant hanger is now up and ready to be admired! No fancy container to show off your plants – just a simple DIY hanger to let the attention be focused on the plant itself. If you feel the same way, why not make this DIY plant hanger? You’ll congratulate yourself later, that’s a promise!
Plant hanger
Does your patio needs more than just some patio decor? Whether you need a patio upgrade or install from scratch, contact CPR Outdoor Centre for all your needs. We can give you a free quote on your patio, even do a free onsite inspection. Ring us today and let’s discuss the design of your new patio!

How to choose the right size rainwater tank for you

Rainwater Tank available at CPR Outdoor Bunbury and BusseltonDo you love the rain? You’ll love it even more when you can save the rainwater. After the rain stops you will need to water your plants – do it anytime by harvesting and storing rainwater which can be handy especially these warmer months when plants will need the water.

Storing rainwater is possible with rainwater tanks!

Instead of just letting the rain run away and wet the already wet ground, you can make use of it. How? By storing rainwater of course! Buy a rainwater tank now before it stops raining.

These days, it’s important that you know how to save water in every way possible. Don’t just save water, store it for later use. You can start storing and saving rainwater by installing a rainwater tank.

Finding the right size rainwater tank size

Planning on installing a rainwater tank? Great. When choosing a rainwater tank, think about its size first. You need a tank that will suit your needs so start with finding the right size for you. When choosing the right size rainwater tank for you, here are the things you need to consider:

  • The space that you have to put your new tank
  • How you will use the water
  • The amount of water the tank need to store

Consider the space that you have

You have plenty of space? Install your water tank wherever you want it. Choose largest tanks. However, if you have a little space, go for smaller tanks or a slimline option.

How you will use the water

If you are planning your rainwater tank to be your primary source of water, go for a large tank as you will be getting water for your everyday task such as showering, watering plants, washing clothes and much more. Most people use rainwater to supplement their current water supply, water the garden, use a drinking water (check council regulations first).

The amount of water the tank need to store

How much amount of rainwater you expect to flow into your tank? For this, consider your roof. The larger your roof, the more rainwater will flow. Got a larger roof, opt for larger rainwater tanks.

Looking for a rainwater tank? Contact CPR Outdoor Centre, we are stockists of one of the best rainwater tank manufacturers, made right here in Western Australia. Call us to discuss your rainwater tank needs.

How to make the most of your patio?

Enclosed patio for your needs by CPR Outdoor CentreThinking about building a beautiful outdoor area? A patio is the perfect thing for you. Extra space, great for entertaining, getting the children outside. You will wonder how you ever lived without one.

Enclosed patio for your needs

Patios comes in different styles and designs. One of the most popular and common choice for many people is the enclosed patio. If you already have a patio, no worries! You can do something to have it enclosed.  Patio enclosures are an ideal way to extend your living and entertaining space without having the need to spend a lot of money just to add a room. Perfect to be outside even in this winter weather.

You can turn your existing patio into and outdoor room or have a new one built. An enclosed patio can be as simple as a roof supported by a couple of columns and have screens or walls right through to a fully enclosed and insulated patio room.

Patio enclosure options

For all weather living, dining and relaxing, an enclosed patio is perfect for you.

There are many patio enclosure options that you can choose from but these options should depend on many things such as:

  • Weather
  • Budget
  • Style

You need to consider these things in order to create the right enclosed patio that will suit your needs.

How to make the most of your patio?

For a free measure and quote and to discuss your needs and requirements call CPR Outdoor Centre. We have 2 factories, one in Bunbury and one in Busselton. We service the whole of the south west of Western Australia from Mandurah to Collie, Harvey, Bunbury, Busselton, Dunsborough, Margaret River, down to Augusta and our to Bridgetown and Donnybrook plus all areas in between.

Want to have an enclosed patio or any time of patio, shed, garage or carport? Contact CPR Outdoor Centre. Let us build you a beautiful, functional enclosed patio all year round!

Everything you need to know about DIY carports

Carports for every needDIY carports are perfect for you:

  • Do you need a carport to protect your vehicles and keep them out of the rain
  • Handy for extra space when having a party
  • Great to store bikes or a small cupboard for garden tools.

Having DIY carports might seems like a daunting task, but you’d be surprised at how simple and easy they to install if you have the time and skills.

What are DIY carports?

DIY carports stand for Do-It-Yourself carports. They are carports that come in kits so you can put them together on your own or with the help of one or two other people. They are also a project that can be installed quickly (full kits have all the components you need). Your new carport can be generally be built over a weekend or during a couple of days you have off from work.

What makes DIY carports a good choice?

The beauty of installing DIY carports is that comes as a kit is that it contains everything that you could possibly need which includes:

  • Structural support such as beams, post and trusses
  • Roofing sheets cut according to your needs
  • Galvanized bolts, screws and other fixing that you might need
  • Decorative elements that you have ordered
  • A step by step instructions that will guide you when installing your own DIY carport

DIY carports are extremely cost effective because

  • You don’t have to pay for the installation process.
  • You can have the kit as a standard sizes or you customized to your exact requirements.
  • You don’t have to buy specialized tools as basic tools will be enough to help you installing your own carport.

DIY kit can be delivered right to your home. This is great because you don’t have to worry about how you will get your new carport kit home.

What is NOT included in a DIY Carport Kit is:

  • Site or ground works, clearing the area for your new carport
  • Flooring, eg concrete slab or brick pavers
  • Council or Shire Building permit

You must apply for a building permit and abide by your local government rules when building a new carport even if it is from a DIY Carport Kit.

CPR Outdoor Centre can supply you with a full DIY kit from out standard range or customized to your exact requirement or if you would prefer we can handle everything including the building permit with a fully installed carport. Come and have a chat with CPR Outdoor in Bunbury and Busselton to discuss your needs or fill in our quote form.


How to make your patio appear larger?

Custom flat with columnsDo you have a small patio space?

Worried that your patio would look too small, that it will create an uninviting feel towards your guests or even yourself? Your patio, no matter what its size, deserves your attention. With the right tools and proper planning, you can get the most out of your space!

Small patio – no problem!

The idea of having a patio is to create an outdoor space where you can enjoy and relax. It can be small or large – it doesn’t matter at all. However, if you feel that having a larger patio can make your outdoor space more livable, here are a few tricks you could try:

  • Avoid using glaring colours
  • Keep your fences low
  • Create an illusion of bigger space
  • Use Mirrors

Patio by CPR

Avoid using glaring colours

You might want to incorporate colours into your patio. A couple of bright rugs and warm tone furniture may look great, but it can make your patio appear smaller. If your patio is small, try using neutral or light coloured items. It can make your patio look less cluttered and more organised.

Keep your fences low

This will carry the eye beyond the property line – creating an illusion that your patio looks larger than it is.Are you worried about your security with a low fence? No worries, you can always install patio lighting to ward off any unwanted guests at your home at night.

Create an illusion of bigger space

You can’t extend your patio anymore, so the solution to make it bigger is to create an illusion of it. You can leave the door open to create an unconfined feeling. Create variety with new levels, raised planters and steps that can lead the eyes upward. It can increase the illusion of space, therefore making your patio appear larger.

gable patio by cprUse mirrors

Use mirrors to bring in the borrowed landscape from further down your garden, the neighbouring areas of repeat your own patio area. By removing the exact edges your patio will look and feel larger.

How to make your patio appear larger?

Your patio can be a great space to relax and enjoy with family and friends, no matter what the size. Small can be cosy and intimate. If you need to upgrade or are still not happy with your current patio, contact CPR Outdoor Centre for all your patio needs. We offer installation services that include patios, garages and carports. Ring us today for a free quote. Call our Bunbury office on 9726 2311 or phone Busselton on 9754 2657 and speak to the professionals.

DIY hanging flower cans

Does your patio look boring? Want to spice things up? What about adding some plants?

Patio plants are common but sometimes, you have to put a twist on it – why not make a hanging flower cans? Your patio will surely stand out from the rest of the patio in your neighbourhood!

Your friends and neighbours will come asking you how you do it! This DIY hanging flower cans from Stuff Steph Does will surely look gorgeous in your patio or hang it in your fence – the choice is yours.
hanging tins
Now, for the materials you will need.

Materials needed:

  • Tin cans
  • Spray paint
  • Clothesline
  • Hammer and nails
  • Drill and metal bit

All set now? Good – here you go!


drill holes1. Punch holes in the bottom for drainage and drill the holes in the back for  hanging. Use the hammer for the drain holes and a drill with a metal bit for the rope holes. Make sure you get it just big enough for the rope to go through, not too big.



paint2. Give ’em a few good coats of spray paint. However many you need until it looks good. Let them dry.




tie-rope3. Put one of the rope through one of your rope holes and knot it. Then decide on your length and cut the other end accordingly. Knot that end through the other hole.




Now, you’re done! Voila! A hanging pot! Here’s a hanging pot with coriander, chocolate mint, and rosemary in mine. What will you put in yours? Whatever it will be, it will have the same effect on your patio or fences – it can add that style and uniqueness all the same!
hanging garden tins




Don’t have a patio yet? For all your patio needs, contact CPR Outdoor Centre. We specialise in building patios, garages and carports. We can help you with the design, planning as well as getting the building permit too! Ring us today and let’s have a chat – the earlier, the better and the sooner you can enjoy your patio!

What type of patio should I buy?

Patios can extend your living space. A patio can be the perfect place for dinner parties, but before you can start building your patio, you have to decide your patio design – especially its shape. Patios are unique because their design is limitless – you don’t need to shape it according to the walls and ceilings. They don’t conform to the standard box like shape. You have a lot of freedom and choice on what shape you would like your patio to be.

Patio shapes

When thinking of a patios shape, you need to consider the shape of the actual patio and well as the shape roof.

Your patio can be square, rectangle, round, dome, a free shape or a combination of 1 or 2 shapes that work together as one whole functional patio. However, you really need to think about your patio shape in terms of its footprint; the area you wish to cover and the style of roof.

Flat roofed patios by CPR Outdoor Bunbury and BusseltonOf course, you’ll want to make sure that your patio shape doesn’t just comply with your taste and requirements but it should suit the settings too. Here are several factors that may affect your options when choosing a specific shape for your patio.

  • Your property’s shape
  • Your property’s size
  • How you plan to use your patio
  • The style of your home and garden
  • Council / Shire regulations

You can refer to these factors – it will help you choose a patio shape that is well suited to your needs and wants.

Choose the shape properly

These factors can help you a lot, plus spending some of your time looking at photos of various patios and designs in books and the internet – will give you some ideas as well. Just by looking at these photos, you will have an idea on how a certain patio shape and design will look when installed.

What type of patio should I buy?

Still not sure as to what shape your patio should be? Well, contact CPR Outdoor Centre for all your patio needs. We can advise you on what patio shape will look perfect in your home.

Don’t delay, ring us today and we’ll discuss your patio options.
We’d love to chat with you.

3 signs you need a garage today

garageYou don’t have a garage yet? Then you need to think about getting one built. Yes, a garage is very important investment and you need to ensure that you are getting the best quality garage that will really suit your needs. Answer some of the questions below to put your mind at ease.

Do you need a garage?

The decision of having a garage lies on whether you need it or not. Do you really need a garage? If you are unsure about your initial resolution, maybe you need some motivation or signs that you are making the right choice. So, here are some signs that might help you decide:

  • Your car looks worn out. When parked outside on a daily basis, your car has to deal with a lot of dirt, sun and other outside elements which can cause harm to its appearance and cause it to age prematurely. Parking your car in a garage will keep it looking good for much longer as it will be protected the elements.
  • Your car has been damaged. Perhaps you have been unlucky enough to have your car broken into or even vandalised. The worse scenario is having it stolen. Having your car garaged can eliminate these factors and reduce the risks. All the while, giving you peace of mind.
  • You don’t have much space. If you have limited space on your driveway, why not install a garage? Parking your car in your driveway can reduce your space – why not build a garage on the side or at the back of your home? You can use the space on your driveway for more important things.

Shed Building, from DYI kits to complete sheds3 signs you need a garage today

Do you need a garage today? Contact CPR Outdoor Centre for all your garage needs  – we can build your garage your way. Ring us today for a free measure and quote.

Call CPR Outdoor Centre in Bunbury on 9726 2311 or in Busselton on 9754 2657.