I have an older home, can I add a patio without it looking like a sore thumb?

Tapered Flat PatioYes of course. The construction of a custom built patio onto an older home can bring a splash of modern to an old classic. With most new homes being built from bricks and concrete, patios are fast becoming standard with building packages, however the materials used and outlay of older homes pose some challenges when installing a patio that need to be considered.

When installing a patio in an older home, some things to think about include:

  • Blending Old With New
  • Wood Issues
  • House Flow

Blending Old with New

If your home is made from wood, then consider timber decking for your patio. If your home is an older brick style, you might like to experiment with bricks and pavers. A mix of renovations over the years might mean a steel/colourbond structure can fit right in or you may like to explore the more recent, environmentally friendly ideas available. You want your patio to blend into the existing house, so consider the materials already used to make sure your patio doesn’t stand out too obviously as an addition.

Flat Patio 2 walls MCU front externalWood Issues

When wet wood doesn’t dry straight away, wood rot starts to form. Building regulations require a small landing for external doors for safety, but this can sometimes be ineffective and result in excess water accumulating in door frames. Termites like to munch on old wood and weather elements can leave untreated wood rotten and cracked. Old, damaged boards, door frames and supports need to be inspected and replaced before adding more structures to your existing home.

House Flow

Older homes generally have the wet areas near the back of the home, which are not ideal for walkways into an inviting outdoor room. Keep in mind that some patios may need to be built on the side of the property to allow perfect flow from living areas, such as kitchen and lounge rooms rather than walking through a laundry to take beverages out to your BBQ. Floor coverings are also a consideration as smooth transition calls for similar materials from one floor surface to the next. Outdoor brick pavers or decking stepping onto carpet is not conducive to happy housekeeping.

Dome patioBlending Patios To Older Homes

Never fear, CPR Outdoor have been building patios for over 15 years and we will have a solution for you.

Adding a patio onto your existing home can not only create more space and update the look of an older structure, but it can also add value and appeal to your property. The team at CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury and CPR Outdoor Busselton are always happy to assist you with any information regarding patios, sheds, carports and garages. Call them on 9726 2311 (Bunbury) or 9754 2657 (Busselton) for a free quote today.

How to Waterproof Your Patio This Winter!

Miller - Dome with rock wall interior-1Winter brings a rain and rain can cause a few issues if you are not prepared here in the South West. As lovely as the rain is on your roof, if you have drips and leaks are not great for the ambience when it comes to a functional and enjoyable outdoor space.

Water proofing your patio is simple and avoids all kinds of problems when it comes damaged caused by rain and water leakage in your patio and even your home. Pets can be dry and comfortable outside, plants can be protected and you can stop your outdoor furniture getting soggy or ruined by keeping the water on the roof or in the drains and not on the patio floor.

The best way to waterproof your patio includes:

  • Regular Maintenance
  • Sealants
  • Elevations and Slope

Morris - Raised Gable furnishedRegular Maintenance

Its been said time and time again, but prevention is always better than cure and in the case of patios, regular maintenance is key for prevention. Maintaining drains, gutters and downpipes and ensuring they take the water out and away from the patio and the house prevent water from pooling and overflowing in places it cannot drain away from. Also remember to check where the patio meets the house roof for movement or gaps in the roof materials to avoid water dripping through so close to the house.


Commercial products are available for some patios that act as a barrier to repel dirt, oil and water. Basically a sealant designed for brick pavers and walls, these products are not 100% guaranteed but can repel water and debris which is beneficial in the act against excess water.

Other commercial products such as glues and plastic sealants that can be purchased as DIY solutions should only be used for small leaks in the roofing or gaps in the materials from small rocks, nails etc. A professional should always be consulted to repair larger damage on your patio.

Miller - Dome with rock wall exteriorElevations and Slope

When designing and building your patio, consideration should be taken for drainage as a priority. Be sure to dig to appropriate levels to keep the patio flooring at optimum levels for water runoff into drains and have your roof sloping downwards into the gutters. Always account for water levels appropriate for your local area.

Need help with your patio?

Has your patio seen better days?

Need help with a patio extension or a new patio?

Patios designed and constructed by CPR Outdoor Bunbury and CPR Outdoor Busselton use only the highest quality materials designed to keep your patio in good condition and resistant to the elements for years to come. Call the CPR Outdoor Centre for a free quote today.

Why Do I Need a Custom Designed Patio Roof?

When it comes to custom designing your own patio roof, there really is no shortage of possibilities. Your home is unique to you and your patio roof should reflect your home design and the nature of your patio function.

Not sure if you need a custom designed patio roof? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your patio need extra light?
  • Is your block an odd shape?
  • Is your patio a unique design? Extra long, wide or has multiple windows and entries?
  • Is this patio free standing or attached to your house?
  • Would you like your patio to wrap-around the house?
  • Do you like the look of a gabled roof? Or is flat and straight more your style?
  • What climate do you live in? Is air flow a factor in the hotter months?
  • What about drainage? Do you have a lot of trees that drop leaves and cause gutter blockages?
  • What purpose does it serve? A carport? An entertaining area? A pool area?
  • What materials suit your needs?
  • Are you looking for something ‘out there’? Totally individual?

If your answers seem a little ‘outside the square’, then chances are you need a custom designed patio roof.

Triple dome patio by CPRWhy Do I Need a Custom Designed Patio Roof?

The biggest reason people choose to have a custom designed patio roof is so they get what they really want in their patio, something that really suits their needs.

CPR Outdoor can work with you to custom design your patio roof to meet not only structural requirements but your own individual vision as well. Whether it be a wave gable (2/3 gable patios joined together), a split dome, a saw tooth gable or even 2-3 dome patios together, the choices are endless. You are really only limited by your own imagination.

Call CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury on 08 9726 2311 or CPR Outdoor Busselton on 08 9754 2657 for an obligation free quote on your unique patio roof needs today.

What are The Best Plants for Under My Patio?

What is a patio without plants? We invest so much into the patio and furniture itself that we sometimes forget the most important items when it comes to visual impact for your outdoor oasis.

Plants are used to fill space, to create depth and to draw the eye. They provide coolness and shade, as well as being aesthetically pleasing and smelling amazing. However not all plants are suitable to have under your patio all year round and if you want your outdoor garden to survive the harshest of Australian climate, you need to make the right choices when selecting pots and plants for your space.

Here are some great suggested plants that are prefect for growing under patios:

  • Succulents
  • Palms
  • Ferns
  • Climbers
  • Mosquito/Bug repellents and Herbs


Gorgeous green succulents with spongy leaves and unique water storage ability are perfect for even the warmest and driest climates. Requiring very little maintenance, sun or water, these plants are perfect for beginner gardeners or people with minimal time to tend to their garden. Try bromeliads for gorgeous blooms and an ornamental appearance.


A staple in Australian gardens, the palm comes in a range of sizes, leaf texture and colours to group together in different pots or plant directly outside the edge of your patio. Choose smaller dwarf varieties for pots to be placed under cover, like ponytail palms or a dwarf date palm, to give your patio a tropical feel.


There’s something decadent and refreshing about hanging plants, especially when soft fern foliage hangs from them. Ferns love shady, moist and humid conditions and are perfect for the corner of the patio which may get the heat but not the sun and, when hung correctly, can catch the rainwater to keep them from drying out. Hanging plants also free up floor space and larger varieties can be planted in the space surrounding the patio to create even more lush surroundings.

Gable - Ext clear infill, deckingClimbers

Talking about freeing up floor space, climbers add that extra bit of garden, growing up the wall! Climbers like star jasmine and honeysuckle are lovely, delicate flowering plants that grow beautifully up rafters and beams that would otherwise stand bare, whilst bougainvillea is a particularly resilient plant that offers both evergreen leaves and flowers. Climbers do need a bit of care and attention to guide them at first, but once they’ve found their feet, they can be a great, low maintenance addition to the space.

Mosquito/Bug repellents and Herbs

Perfect for filling in the gap and providing functional foliage are plants that keep the nasties away and provide edible fare. With most people spending their summers under their patio, plants that deter mosquitos and bugs naturally are always a popular choice. The best, environmentally friendly repellents include citronella, lemon eucalyptus, rosemary, lemongrass, peppermint and lavender.

gable patioHerbs are also a great addition to the patio because they provide not only an array of delicious smells and greenery, but they serve a functional purpose when being used in the kitchen. Multipurpose herbs that double as fantastic pot plants include mint, basil, coriander, parsley and chives.

What are The Best Plants for Under My Patio?

When it comes to choosing plants for your patio, these varieties offer great diversity and choice whilst also being functional and multipurpose. They tend to look after themselves and provide lush green foliage for your outdoor retreat. Don’t forget to go for variety with pots as well to add to the visual impact and have fun choosing the plants for your patio paradise.

Need a patio?

Has your patio seen better days or worse still you don’t have one yet? Call CPR Outdoor Centre in Bunbury on 08 9726 2311 or Busselton on 08 9754 2657 and we are give you a free onsite quote and discuss what patio will suit you best. Get ready to enjoy your outdoor living space.

Why Have a Dome Roof Patio?

Dome - 1 Raised (2)

  • Shade
  • Airflow
  • Lifestyle

Extend Your Outdoor Living Space

Summers in the South West are perfect for outdoor living and can be enjoyed so much more with the addition of a patio in your own backyard. A Dome Roof patio is the ideal extension to your outdoor area and CPR Outdoor Bunbury and CPR Outdoor Busselton have the expertise to create a custom designed dome roof that will add value and comfort to your home.

Dome Patio Roof

Miller - Dome with rock wall interiorPatio’s bring so much more to the style of a house and none so much as the dome roof patio. Rainy weather can be enjoyed from under the gables of a solid, weather proof structure and relaxing summer evenings are enhanced by the additional air flow a dome patio delivers. Dome patios have the added qualities in that they exude space and light; the greater overall height clearance maximises the area of open space and lets in the natural light whilst offering protection from what can be a harsh summer sun.

Dome Roofs Give Your Patio Height and Space

The lofty height and arched truss design not only looks attractive and inviting but extends the liveable area of your home to the outside, adding potential for outdoor entertaining and retreat. Dome patios also look particularly stunning adjacent to pools and as a covering for the spa area, as well as being fully functional as carports, caravan and boat parking spaces.

Beth Fields - Ext DomeOn a commercial level, dome patios are ideal for driveways to hotels, schools, hospitals and other buildings that require weather protection.

Why Have a Dome Roof Patio?

Dome patio roofs are a supporting structure with a curved truss. CPR Outdoor can design your dome patio with a range of roofing material available to cover the construction whilst adhering to council regulations and safety standards.

Don’t wait another season to add the WOW factor to your home and outdoor area. Contact CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury on 08 97262311 or CPR Outdoor Busselton on 08 9754 2657 to discuss your Dome Roof patio plans today.

Why Buy a Rainwater Tank In Winter?

Slimline 1800 Rainwater Tank available at CPR Outdoor Bunbury and BusseltonWhen it comes to collecting and saving water, winter is undoubtedly the best time of year. Heavy downpours from the heavens means we use less water on our gardens and in our homes and more water can be collected and stored in a rainwater tank. Whilst making purchases for the longevity of your garden and home in summer is not on the top of your list in the middle of winter, here are the benefits to buying and installing a rainwater tank in winter.

  • Rainwater is in surplus….and it’s free!
  • Off season means less wait time
  • Use it in your home
  • Save money and the planet

Rainwater is in Surplus and It’s Free!

What better time to make the most of the miserable weather than to collect the downpour itself? Its cooler and the rain is heavy so less chance of the water being evaporated or carrying any nasties with it. Your only limit to how much you can collect is how big your tank is!

Off Season Means Less Wait Time

Just like swimming pools, rainwater tanks can be seasonal purchases. Choose to purchase and install your rainwater tank when the rain is actually falling and you’ll skip the queue and wait times.

Rainwater Tank Large Round available at CPR Outdoor Bunbury and BusseltonUse it in Your Home

Just like the old days, your rainwater tank can be plumbed to use the water in your home. Flush your toilets with recycled water and save up to 12 litres of water with each flush. Water your indoor plants, wash your car or even give your clothes a scrub with water collected straight from the sky.

Save Money and The Planet

Water rates and bills are going up, so make the most of the free stuff and store it for the drier months. Water is a precious commodity, getting rarer every summer, so the more we can collect and control in our own supply contributes not only to the preservation of resources, but to the protection of the environment.

Call CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury on 08 9726 2311 or CPR Busselton on 08 954 2657 today to install your own rainwater tank and make the most of the winter wetness.

How much does it cost to build a patio?

Patio - Slight CurveDoes the sun limit your enjoyment of your outdoor area? Is your outdoor area to hot to use on a sunny day? When it rains you don’t even bother trying to plan an outdoor activity for your family or you will all end up inside the house. You need a patio!

A patio custom made to suit your needs

A patio can be as basic as the roof over your outdoor area protects you from sun, rain and other harsh weather elements. Or you can have a custom build patio room whatever your needs and budget are. Patios are ideal for people everyone, especially if you want spend more time outdoor or simply enjoy the outdoors with comfort (flyscreen can also be fitted).

Flat with Boundary PostsHow much does it cost to build a patio?

The cost of a patio depends entirely on the design, size and location of your patio. Patio come in a fully install, do nothing type right through to easy-to-assemble DIY kits.

A Gable Patio for example, is a style of patio where the roof has two pitched sides joined in the middle. This covered patio design costs are higher than a flat roofed patio but are more stylish and versatile. There is a huge difference in the amount of materials that is required for the gable design, from the truss needed for the roof to the amount of sheeting used. Flat roofed patio are simple and don’t need much truss support but is limited to the height of your house’s roof. Multi gables, hip ends and dome patio have more complexity of the design and create a superior look and add class to your home .

Size matters

Size is also a factor when it comes to price, the amount of materials required will differ greatly depending on the size. Gable and dome patios are usually larger than a flat roof. Gable Patios come in many different styles with Hip-end as a nice variation.

Dee's patio - Gable decking shedCost of installation

The cost of installation of your new patio will also be a factor, depending on the style,  size and earth works that are needs. The more complex the style, the longer it would take your patio to be build which means more labour cost. Same goes with the size.

How much does it cost to build a patio?

For more a free quote on your new patio, call CPR Outdoor Centre now, we are your outdoor specialist! Call our Bunbury office on 08 9726 2311 or our Busselton office on 08 9754 2657.

DIY garden planter & birds bath

Do you love to spend your lazy afternoons on  your patio? Do you enjoy the warm breeze and the sounds of the chirping of the birds? Who wouldn’t? It feels good to be close to nature! If your an outdoor person, make your patio more inviting! Why not do some DIY project that you can use as a patio decor?

A DIY garden planter & birds bath perhaps? That sound’s great! A planter will surely make your patio cosy and a bird bath does look pretty awesome too! Here’s a tutorial from Home Stories on how to create a DIY garden planter & birds bath.

Bird bathSo, how to create this stunning project? Prepare the materials first.


  • 1 243cm tall terracotta pot for the base
  • 4 182cm tall pots
  • 1  120-150″ tall pot
  • 157 cm piece of rebar
  • Spray paint primer
  • Spray paint in your colour choice
  • Discarded globe from “boob light”.
  • Little ceramic bird (Optional but uber cute.)
  • Household/Aquatic Adhesive

Note: Please use your own measurements and judgement when recreating this project. These are just guidelines to follow. Be creative and add your own flair, pot sizes, rebar size, birdbath top, paint colour, etc.

All set and ready? Here’s what to do next!


spray painted pots1. Prime all of your pots and then spray paint them in whichever colour you choose. You can use 1 spray paint colour or mix and match – the choice is yours. For this, we use blue spray paint.




flower planter bird bath2. Measure the height of all of your pots and then add 61cm to that number to determine the length of your rebar. Cut your rebar to size using a hacksaw. Use a hammer to pound the rebar into the ground at least two feet down so that it will hold your heavy pots.



diy garden3. Thread your pots onto the rebar and fill with soil. Alternately tilt each pot from right to left, filling with soil as you go.




Tilt opposite4. Thread the next pot into the rebar and tilt in opposite direction.





pound rebar5. Keep layering the pots until you reach the end. Pound rebar into the ground further if needed.





Bowl6. Take the globe from a flush-mount light (frequently found at second hand shops) and place it onto the top of the rebar. The bowl will be resting on the top flower pot but the rebar should thread all the way up into the birdbath bowl. Don’t have a globe? Use a bowl. Use adhesive to attach the bird and to seal around the gap between the bowl and rebar hole. You might want to wait 24 hrs for the adhesive to dry off completely so don’t put water yet.

And, plant your flowers and enjoy! See, so easy to make, takes a little of your time but the result can be rewarding! Enjoy your new DIY garden planter and bird bath!

DIY garden planter & birds bath
Does your patio look boring or tired? Are you thinking of upgrading your patio? For all your patio needs, contact CPR Outdoor Centre. Whether it’s an upgrade or you want to build a patio from scratch, we can handle it for you. Contact us now on 08 9726 2311 for our Bunbury office and 08 9754 2657 for Busselton. 

What are the important things to consider when installing a garage?

Shed - 3 complete extTired of getting wet when you dash to your car on a rainy day? Dream of having extra space for storage purposes or a workshop? Whatever your reasons might be, getting a garage is a good addition to your home. However, before you can start your garage project, you’ll need to make a few decisions.

  • Do you have enough space?
  • Attached or freestanding?
  • Access and traffic flow
  • Relationship to your house

Do you have enough space?

Sure, having a garage offers you several benefits such as providing your car with safe storage but is it physically feasible to have a garage? To ensure you are not violating any building codes, go to your local planning department and find out everything about garage building. How close you can build to the edge of your property and know the required garage size etc.

Attached or freestanding?

This is another decision to make – should you opt for an attached or freestanding garage? An attached garage will cost less and is more convenient. It will keep you dry and can easily serve as your home extension should you need a space for laundry or pantry. A freestanding garage is also an attractive option since it can keep exhaust fumes, dust and noise away from your home. Choose an option that will suit your needs and lifestyle the best.

Shed - McGuigan FrameAccess and traffic flow

If you’re adding a garage, it also means you need a driveway. Do you have enough space? A single car driveway should be at least 3 metres wide. At a minimum, you will need an area of 3 metres wide by about 3.5 metres deep for your car to properly make a turnaround.

Relationship to your house

A garage should look like an accessory to your home and not something that was just tacked onto your house that all you see. When building a garage, make sure to build it farther back from the street than the main entrance to make it look less dominant.

What are the important things to consider when installing a garage?

A garage is a good investment to your home – just make sure to get the most out of it by giving attention to these details. Need to build a garage? Contact CPR Outdoor Centre for all your garage needs – we also build patios and carports. Ring us today and let’s discuss your garage.

Make your patio look expensive without spending much!

Gable Patio truss off centre (Bell) 2Do you want to redecorate your patio? What about having that posh, stylish look? Is there something you can do to make your patio look expensive without actually spending a lot?

Yes,  you can – with the right design and style; you can make your patio look luxurious! Give your patio a luxe update with these budget-friendly tips:

  • Pick a décor style
  • Coordinate furniture
  • Create a distinct space
  • Make a grand entrance
  • Incorporate comfort

Pick a décor style

Choose a style and stick to it. While it is not a bad idea to mix and match, having too many competing styles can be confusing. Pick a style and focus on it – choose décor and colour scheme that goes well with your style. Having a synchronised design can be relaxing and will look expensive too.

Gable Edwards Finished 2Coordinate furniture

A coordinated look goes a long way – it can create an elegant look for your patio. Your patio will look posh and classy in an instant. Not everything needs to be made from the same materials, but the pieces should all work together to create a coordinated look.

Create a distinct space

Did you notice what is common with luxurious patios? They have distinct spaces for every activity – this is where we eat, this is where we play and this is where we lounge with our drinks. You can create this luxury feel by grouping your furniture so that each of the groups can create a clear purpose.

Make a grand entrance

Your patio entrance should look lavish too! It is the door to your patio and the first thing that your guests will notice. First impressions are everything! Consider adding plants or changing your door knob or kick plate – it can make a huge difference to your patio entrance.

side elevation 2Incorporate comfort

An opulent patio doesn’t just look comfortable – it should also feel like you are having the best day of your life. Consider the indoor items you use the most and integrate them into your outdoor space. It can be as simple as putting a large TV or install a bar where you can enjoy a favourite drink or two!

Make your patio look expensive without spending too much!

Yes – with just a few tricks, you can make your patio look expensive without spending a lot! Don’t have a patio yet? Contact CPR Outdoor Centre for all your patio need. We offer installation and repair services on patios, carports and garages. Ring us today 08 9726 2311 for our Bunbury office or 08 9754 2657 for Busselton and get a free quote.