Who will I be dealing with?Custom Built Patio
You will be dealing with our team of highly trained professionals.

Can I have my own design and a choice of style and colour?
YES!  It is important to us that you, the customer, are happy with your design of your entertainment area.

Can I have visually appealing corrugated colorbond roofing?
Absolutely, Corrugated iron or custom orb is a very distinctive roofing profile. If you choose to have another profile a complete range is available.

Will the gutters be sufficient to withstand the winter rains and not overflow?
YES! CPR Outdoor Centre removes the existing domestic gutter and replaces it with a larger box gutter to compensate for the extra water that runs off your patio roof.

What type of steel is used in my patio? Does it comply with Australian standards and will it withstand local conditions?
CPR Outdoor Centre exclusively uses BlueScope steel which is made to suit Australian conditions and complies with Australian Standards.

Do you make my patio or shed yourselves or is it passed onto a third party and made elsewhere?
CPR Outdoor Centre is very proud of the fact that we fabricate your entire patio and shed here in Bunbury to the highest of standards.

How do you measure the quality of workmanship on your patios?
We insist on the highest standard of workmanship and live by the motto:

If we wouldn’t have it at our home, we wouldn’t have it at your home.

When my patio is installed is the site cleaned up and the rubbish taken away?
The CPR Outdoor Centre team will leave your property the way we found it to ensure you can use your new entertainment area immediately.

Does your guarantee cover all materials and workmanship and will you fix any problems that may occur after the patio is finished?
CPR Outdoor Centre guarantees all workmanship for 5 years as the entire range of products we use, all have manufactures warranties.

CPR Outdoor Centre – The Patio People