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Everything you need to know about DIY carports

Carports for every needDIY carports are perfect for you:

  • Do you need a carport to protect your vehicles and keep them out of the rain
  • Handy for extra space when having a party
  • Great to store bikes or a small cupboard for garden tools.

Having DIY carports might seems like a daunting task, but you’d be surprised at how simple and easy they to install if you have the time and skills.

What are DIY carports?

DIY carports stand for Do-It-Yourself carports. They are carports that come in kits so you can put them together on your own or with the help of one or two other people. They are also a project that can be installed quickly (full kits have all the components you need). Your new carport can be generally be built over a weekend or during a couple of days you have off from work.

What makes DIY carports a good choice?

The beauty of installing DIY carports is that comes as a kit is that it contains everything that you could possibly need which includes:

  • Structural support such as beams, post and trusses
  • Roofing sheets cut according to your needs
  • Galvanized bolts, screws and other fixing that you might need
  • Decorative elements that you have ordered
  • A step by step instructions that will guide you when installing your own DIY carport

DIY carports are extremely cost effective because

  • You don’t have to pay for the installation process.
  • You can have the kit as a standard sizes or you customized to your exact requirements.
  • You don’t have to buy specialized tools as basic tools will be enough to help you installing your own carport.

DIY kit can be delivered right to your home. This is great because you don’t have to worry about how you will get your new carport kit home.

What is NOT included in a DIY Carport Kit is:

  • Site or ground works, clearing the area for your new carport
  • Flooring, eg concrete slab or brick pavers
  • Council or Shire Building permit

You must apply for a building permit and abide by your local government rules when building a new carport even if it is from a DIY Carport Kit.

CPR Outdoor Centre can supply you with a full DIY kit from out standard range or customized to your exact requirement or if you would prefer we can handle everything including the building permit with a fully installed carport. Come and have a chat with CPR Outdoor in Bunbury and Busselton to discuss your needs or fill in our quote form.


What is the Best Shed for Your Yard?

shed (3)Adding a shed to your backyard is a great idea. A shed will give you that much needed extra space to store, organise and protect your lawn and garden equipment when they are not in use. A shed also offers many other benefits as a place to work and play. However, building the wrong type of shed will not increase storage or value to your home, but decrease it, becoming an eyesore that does nothing to meet your needs.

There are sheds that are made to house small items. Most of the time, they have flat walls to install shelves on as well as hooks to hang tools etc. Then there are those that are built larger and can store practically anything from bikes to machinery. With these sheds, a large door is important to get items in and out.

Shed with CarportThe style of your shed will primarily depend on the equipment that you plan to store in it. Let’s take a look at the general shed styles and learn a little more about them.

Gable Shed

This traditional shed look the triangle A frame, providing a lot of flexible space. Gable sheds are mostly fitted with a large door at one end.

Its large interior space allows it to provide a variety of storage needs. Sometimes, it is built with windows for ventilation and two doors on both ends for easy access. Having two doors makes it easier to get a hold of the needed items without having to crawl and rummage through everything.

Shed for extra spaceFlat Roofed Shed

This type of shed as the name suggests has a flat roof, great for small sheds that house pumps, garden tools and the like. It can be built with windows and a door.

Flat roofed sheds can have a single roof sloping forward from its high back wall and be made with large doors to fit in scooters and bikes. This will be perfect for the garden as its tall back wall can be attached with shelves and hooks to store and hang gardening tools.

Barn Shed

This is the largest shed that you can possibly have in your backyard. Its roof features a two-shade design, providing a lot of interior height, just like that of a traditional barn. Initially, it slopes out from its peak gently in a downward slope before changing to a steeper pitch.

Its plans come in a variety of sizes and can house anything from garden tools to cars. This is the ultimate in shed for storage and can be built in practically any kind of home.

What is the Best Shed for Your Yard?

The best shed for you depends on your needs and wants.CPR Outdoor Centre are your shed specialists and can supply you with a free quote. We can come out to your home/office or site and discuss your needs.

Contact our specialists today for all of your shed needs and enquiries to suit your budget.  We know our sheds! Call us today at CPR Outdoor Centre on 08 9726 2311 in Bunbury or 08 9754 2657 in Busselton.

5 Things to Know About CPR Outdoor Centre

mobileCPR Outdoor Centre are the oldest patio builder in Bunbury and we have been in Busselton for a long time too. Why have we lasted so long, you might ask? Because we are good, here are 5 things to know about CPR Outdoor Centre.

1. CPR Outdoor Centres have 2 convenient locations, each with friendly, professional customer service experts who can help you with all your patio, carport and garage building needs.

Bunbury – 5 Barnard St, Bunbury.Phone 9754 2657

Busselton – 1/30 Barlee St, Busselton. Phone 9726 2311

2. CPR Outdoor Centre custom builds and designs patios, garages and carports. The choice of style of your new patio, garages and carports is all yours. Want to combine a flat patio roof with a gable patio roof? Sure we can do that. Or create a completely new look for your home with your new patio? We can do it too.

3. Our sister companies, Shedboss Bunbury and Shedboss Busselton; designs and builds premium quality sheds. They use only premium quality materials to build anything from a large industrial sized sheds down to residential garages.

4. CPR Outdoor Centre sell DIY patio installation kits for the handyperson or a full installation service is also available. Our fully installed service offer not only design,the build and installation of  your new patio, but we also complete all the paperwork and organise permits so that you don’t have to lift a finger.

5. CPR Outdoor Centre also sells rainwater tanks to reduce your environmental impact or if you simply want the benefits of having your own water supply.

Garage by CPR Outdoor CentreCPR Outdoor Centre supply rainwater tanks in a wide range of sizes and colours; there is a different one to suit every home. Made from UV treated food grade Polyethylene these rainwater tanks are strong and durable and will not rust or taint your water.

If you think you don’t have enough space for a rainwater tank, think again. With the slimline range (starting at just 60 cm wide) you can fit a slimline tanks easily into a small backyard, minimising impact on your precious space. We can also deliver and position your water tank for you, no strenuous heavy lifting needed.

5 Things to Know About CPR Outdoor Centre

CPR Outdoor Centre are the best for call for a free quote today. Bunbury on 9726 2311 or Busselton on 9754 2657 for your free onsite quote and we will see you soon.


What is the right shed for me?

NewShedWant a shed, need a shed?

Everyone needs a shed. Whether it’s to house your car,  store things, hide things or just protect your valuables. Tired of finding that extra space to store your gardening tools and other items? A shed is the prefect answer for you!

The perfect shed for you.

Think about what your shed will be used for Tractors  / Farm Equipment, Cars / Boat or Caravan, Lawn mower and other yard equipement, Other items you don’t use anymore or need to store.

Your shed is the perfect place to store all of these things! Installing shed – whether small or big – will give you that extra space storage. Not only that, a shed will also protect your items from:

  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Animal attacks
  • Theft

Needless to say, a shed is a great addition to your backyard or farm.

Before installing a shed, you need to slow down and think about the things you should consider before installing your new shed. Location, Regulations and Planning are a must to consider.

It’s all about the location

Make sure you think about where your shed is going to go.

  • Does it have good access?
  • Where will you put the door? Will you have a PA (Personal Access Door)
  • Do you need to have trees removed first?
  • Will it block your view?

The right shed is ALWAYS located in the right location.


  • What permits do you need?
  • How close to your boundaries can you go?
  • What size shed are you permitted?

Make sure that you comply with the rules and regulations in your local area and shire. This is to make sure that your shed installation will push through without any legal issues. CPR Outdoor Centre can help you with this when you ask for a quote.


A thorough plan will make your shed just perfect for your needs.

  • Size
  • Design
  • Extra features

What is  the right shed for me?

Contact CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury on 9726 2311

or CPR Outdoor Centre Bussleton on 9754 2657

for a free onsite quote and lets discuss your options. We offer full installation of shed and can customised shed, to your requirements. Call us now and get a free quote.


Order a new Shed, Garage, Carport or Patio and beat the price rise!

Free standing Patio - hip roof

CPR Outdoor Centre has to increase their price in July. Due to the increase of materials and supplies, we must, unfortunately raise the cost of our products.

All prices will go up on the 1st July , but before it will happen, good news, you can save!

How to save and beat the price rise!

We’re continuing to hold the current costs for you until 30th June; this means that if you place an order and pay your deposit on or before 30th June, you can still buy at our current prices! Any orders, place between now and the date of the increase will be honoured at the current prices that we have and you will have a brand new Shed, Garage, Carport or Patio to enjoy this winter and for years to come.

New Shed beat the price rise

CPR Outdoor Centre, now has a bigger product range including tanks recently being added; we offer a wide range of services including full installation or DIY kits for all our sheds, patio, garage, carport.

With winter coming there is no better time to have a shed, carport, garage or patio built to keep you dry and warm. Extending your living space with a patio means the children can still play outside, great for a lunch time bbq or a lovely spot to enjoy a cuppa. Having a shed, garage or carport means you are protecting your valuable asset, your car. It is so much easier to get in and out of your car when you are not worrying about getting soaked in the next downpour. Nothing worse than having to go to work wet and so easy to prevent.

Before our price rise comes into effect, beat it!

What are you waiting for?

Visit us now at our showrooms in Bunbury or Busselton; or you can call us for a free measure and quote. Place your order today and save with of our current prices!

DIY Garage – Is it a good choice?

Custom Designed Sheds for you by CPR Outdoor CentreYou know your car needs protection. For this protect a garage is a good option.

A garage is a perfect place to store your car.

If you don’t have a garage yet, it’s high time you get one.

You have two options:

  • Have it installed for you
  • Or a DIY garage

Both of these can get you a new garage but your choice should depend on a lot of factors.

Having your garage installed for you is a good choice, especially if you don’t have the time or the skills to do the work yourself. Having a garage installed will be quick and hassle free all the council permits are done, ground works etc, just sit back and watch the progress and before long you will be enjoying your new garage.

The second option is the best choice if you have the

  • Time
  • Satisfaction of the project
  • Skills
  • Fit to your budget

Time and Willingness

Are you busy with work? Do you have the patience to finish the task right through to the end? Some people might say “I can do it!”, “it’s a great idea!” but end up not finishing the task. Not finishing it will end up costing you more money or a product that you can’t use.

Finish the task from the start to finish and get your car protected will be a satisfying thing.


Do you want to build your own garage with yourself? Do you want to make yourself proud because you built something on your own? Many of us wanted to have that kind of excitement. DIY garage gives you the chance to really show you are a handyman.

Downside is you have to organize everything yourself from council building permits to ground works.

Good news is if you buy your DIY Garage Kit from CPR Outdoor Centre it comes with everthing you need to build your dream garage.


Are you a handyman, love to get your teeth into a real project?

If you have the skills and time then a DIY kit is a perfect way for your to build your new garage.


A DIY garage is affordable. Why? Because you are not paying for labour, site management or council building permits. With DIY garage, you build it yourself, do any site management yourself and deal with council yourself thus you eliminate the labour cost.

DIY Garage: Is it a good choice?

DIY garage is a good choice for you if you have the time, skill and patience to follow the project through.

At CPR Outdoor Centre we can supply and install, or just supply a complete DIY kit for you to install, call today to discuss your exact  requirements and get a free quote.


Organise your garage today, why wait until spring to spring clean?

Flat PatioA garage is a very important part of your home. Having an organised your garage makes it a nice place to go, do some work or just to find the things you have in storage.

Organise your garage today, why wait until spring to spring clean?

Why wait until spring to do a spring clean? Now is the time to get your garage back into shape. The weather is great and you don’t have to worry about your things getting wet as you take it out of your garage and sort it out.

Here are 4 common mistakes that you can avoid when organizing your garage:

  1. Time Management – not allowing enough timeTime is gold, we can’t argue on that. As time is as important as money, you should think on the amount of time you are going to use to fully organise your garage. Depending on how bad your garage has got, allow a full weekend. If you don’t have enough time to do your whole garage, work on one section at a time.Allocate enough time . Organizing a garage that is filled with several years of mess and dirt would include minor repairs and fixes and additional upgrades to your garage to make it more usable.Keeping your garage clean as possible will extend its years of usability and make it so much easy to find your stuff.
  2. Total remove everything – not taking everything outTotally remove everything from your garage first then clean the floor and wall. Put your stuff in piles ready for sorting. Now you can see the current state of your garage.
  3. Sort and select – not throwing things outSort things from the piles, good condition, still usable, don’t use / need anymore, recyclable and junk. Be ruthless if you haven’t used it in years and it holds no special memories do you really need it?
  4. Get rid of anything you don’t really need.Have a garage sales and make a few dollars, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure or donate a local charity anything is usable but past your use. Fix and clean anything that needs it, so when you put is back your things are in their fine condition for future use.
  5. Prevention – don’t let your garage get to messWhen you have organised your garage, learn from this experience. Now you know the consequences of a messy garage, I can cost you time, effort and money. Learn from this experience and remember prevention is better than cure.

Garages are purposely made to house your car and other valuables, so by keep it tidy and clean that will make storing and getting access to your stuff much easier.

CPR Outdoor Centre is a local manufacturer and builder of quality garages. We only use only genuine BlueScope Steel framing and sheeting in either Zincalume or Colorbond options for all our garages.

Call CPR Outdoor Centre now for a FREE quote!

How to clean your shed?

Garden Shed Sheds have many uses from the humble garden shed to a garage right up to a large workshop or machinery shed. Sheds comes in variety of shapes, sizes and colours depending on the owner’s preference and need.

To get the most out of your shed it needs to be clean and reasonable need and tidy, so you don’t have to spend hours trying to find things or juggling to make things fit.

How to clean your shed? Here are the ways:

1.  Allocate enough time

Since every shed has its different sizes and styles, the time you should spend in cleaning it relatively differs too. Bigger sheds would require a full week to properly clean, while smaller ones may only take an afternoon.

Make sure you have this time so you can finish what you start.

If the job is really big you may even want to break it down into sections and work on it over successive weekends.

2.  Total clean out

Total clean out would only be acquired when things have got really out of control. This can be done by getting out all those things that are stocked inside. Pile them all out and make your shed totally empty. Only through this you can gain clear vision of the current state of your shed. Make sure you have tarps to cover your contents if the can be weather effected.

3.  Repairs

When cleaning out your shed, it is a great time to give it a good check over and repair anything that may have been damaged. Broken shelving or patch or straighten any walls etc.

4.  Sort and select

Now your repairs and fixes are finished, start sort things from the pile. Group them into categories like, in-condition, still-usable, recyclable and junk. Get rid of anything you don’t really need, donate the recyclables in your local recycling agency and give attention to still-usable things. They may need minor fixes and cleaning too, so do your best to get them back to best condition for future use.

5.  Put Back

This is the best part right here, putting your usable things nearly back into your shed and arrange them properly. Place tools that are commonly used in the most accessible spot. Position larger things like tool box, or your kid’s bike where it cannot block the access way, this gives you easier access on other things inside.

Cleaning a shed can be a big job so you may need to take it is bite size pieces. If you shed is really large do one side or section at a time.

CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury and CPR Outdoor Centre Busselton are your local manufacturer and supplier of quality sheds, complete builds or DIY kits. With our long years of exposure and experience in building all types of sheds, we know sheds, call for a free quote today

Need a shed room?

Shed for extra spaceShed
rooms can provide space for

  • Home office
  • Teenage treat
  • Granny Flat
  • Workshop
  • Studio

Shed rooms provide a solution that can give you extra space at a fraction of the cost of extending your home.

Having a home office space that is not is your house can save you commuting costs but still allow you to “go to work” and close the door at the end of the day. You will love the fact that you can go straight to work by merely stepping into your backyard and into your home office or studio. Photographers, artists, business women with children, architects and many others, find that working from home contributes to their lives considerably.

Teenage retreat or guest accommodation can be easily achieved using a shed room. This is an ideal solution when your teenager or guest’s needs privacy and you need peace! Shed rooms give everyone space, can be a great addition to our home and add value to your property.

All our sheds are engineered to meet Australian Standards and Building Codes, we can supply you a full DIY kit with all parts you require.

Need an easier solution?  

At CPR outdoor Centre we can supply and install your new shed with all relevant permits and shire regulations completed for you. Concrete floors, sit works as well, the complete shed from start to finish; we even cleanup afterwards. Sit back and relax, watch us do all the work for you.

Workshop, studio or just a man cave to build models, any type of precision wood where preventing dust is required will suit a shed room.

Whatever you need a shed for, space, working or pleasure CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury can custom build to suit your exact need, ring today on 9726 2311 for a free measure and quote.


5 mistakes people make when buying a shed

shed (5)Buying a shed is simple, but it requires some thought and planning to get the most out of your buy. Here are few facts about common mistakes that people make when buying a shed.

Mistake number 1: Unsatisfied with your shed

People tend to buy from catalogues and brochures thinking they can save on their new shed, rather than designing a shed on their own. Unknowingly, this will cause dissatisfaction because custom designed sheds are proven to be more cost-effective than a pre-designed one and you get exactly YOU want.

To avoid this from happening, make sure that the shed you buy is exactly the shed you wanted which fits your needs.

Mistake number 2: Low price versus quality service

Nowadays, almost anything can be bought on the internet. Sheds also are widely sold by different sellers on the net and some are dramatically lower price than those being offered in local stores. This can be due to the fact that these sheds are made from inferior quality materials and often don’t meet Australian Standards. They wont stand up to our tough Australian conditions.

Local sellers, on the other hand, offer excellence customer service and a quality product plus if you required it installation including all local permits.

Mistake Number 3: Council Planning Laws

This could be the most costly mistake people make in buying a shed and usually occurs when buying over the internet. This happens when you buy a shed and suddenly find out that you are not allowed to build it due to planning restriction which requires council planning approval.

To avoid this, consult a local council in your area about the building restrictions. You can also ask the supplier before proceeding on your shed purchase, if you are buying and installed shed as they will do the permits and know about local planning laws.

Mistake Number 4: Failure to plan ahead

The future is always a mystery. When it comes to your sheds future, you should always consider what you might it for. You might want to buy a Caravan or boat in the near future, so it is important to always ready your shed for this type of situation.

Cheaper sheds are fixed and cannot be extended when this time will come. You will need to buy another set for this. And sometimes buying a 2nd shed is the best option. Before buying a new shed, consider what you need the shed for and try and think about your immediate and future needs. Discuss this with your shed builder when getting quotes and remember size maybe governed by your local shire building or planning laws.

Mistake Number 5: Building a shed that is too small

You will just notice this mistake when you parked your car in and found out that it is not high enough or your van can’t even fit in. This will spoil everything and will prove a waste of money, time and effort.

Sheds should be big enough for your needs, discuss the type of shed and options available for your requirements.

CPR Outdoor Centre is you shed specialist. Call us now to discuss your needs.