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3 simple ways to get your patio party ready

gable (13)Has the warmer weather got you itching to host a party on your patio? With a beautiful patio, sunshine and longer nights, this is the best time to throw a party. Before you start organising and inviting your friends and relatives, make sure your patio is comfortable and welcoming.

Here are some simple ways to get your patio party ready:

  1. Pressure clean your patio
  2. Grow plants
  3. Clean your patio furniture

1. Pressure clean your patio

To get your patio looking schmick this summer – it will need a decent clean. A good pressure clean can get rid of mildew, mould, dirt and grout that has built but over the winter. If your patio floor is made of wood, be sure to wash in the same direction as the grain with cold water to prevent tearing into the wood fibre and dry up any puddles that are left.

Patio - Gable Roof by CPR Outdoor2. Grow plants

Growing plants near your patio can do wonders to your outdoor space. For example, you can plant a citrus tree to create a Mediterranean feel. It will add colour to the area and give you citrus for your BBQ fish or cocktails too. How cool is that?

Also, planting lemon grass can keep mozzies at bay – and it looks lovely as well. Plants will surely make a great patio décor.

3. Clean your patio furniture

What’s the use of having a freshly cleaned patio if your furniture is filthy? Make sure your chairs aren’t still covered with last years dirt! It won’t be too welcoming if your guests aren’t keen to sit down because your furniture is dirty or covered in cobwebs. Check all your furniture carefully, do a bit of maintenance if required and make sure everything is spotless.

Clean furniture also looks lovely and inviting. Just add a splash of colour by using outdoor cushions. It can liven up the look of your patio in an instant.

Gable Patio and BBQ3 simple ways to get your patio party ready

Make your patio comfortable and start throwing the party of the season! What – you don’t have a patio yet? Every Aussie needs a patio!

Contact CPR Outdoor Centre for all of your patio needs. We offer installation services for patios, garages and carports too. Ring CPR Outdoor Centre today for a free measure and quote,
in Bunbury on 9726 2311
or Busselton on 9754 2657.

Why should you choose CPR Outdoor Centre for your patio installation?

Lovely patio by CPRYou plan to add a patio or want to renovate your existing patio. That’s great as your patio can be a great investment for your home. A beautiful patio will add value and make your home look and feel inviting. Imagine sitting on your patio on a lazy Sunday morning, reading a newspaper and enjoy your cuppa. Ah, heaven!

CPR Outdoor Centre for all your patio needs

CPR Outdoor Centre has been a trusted name in patio and other shed installation including garages and carports for many years. We can give you the expert advice you need. CPR Outdoor Centre service in Bunbury, Busselton and the surrounding areas. We offer installation services for patios, carports and garages as well as supporting you when selecting the right project design. We also organise all the building permits, complying with the council requirements and everything else that aids in the proper building installation.

Patio built by CPRWe will ensure you get the best deal that’s right for you as we recognise that our customers are not just our customers – they are our neighbours, friends and family.

Is there much maintenance with your patio?

Like any other parts of your home, your patio needs to be taken care of and properly maintained for it to last longer but it’s not difficult at all. You just need to follow some very simple cleaning steps to keep your patio functional all year round. If repairs are required, call CPR Outdoor Centre and we will help you sort it.

Patio by CPRWhat kind of warranties and guarantees do you provide?

More than you’ll ever need! The supplier of the materials used will provide you with warranties.

At CPR Outdoor Centre, we cover our work, the products we use and the schedule we give you. So, you are fully covered with your guarantees and warranties. Call us today at our Bunbury office on 9726 2311 or Busselton on 9754 2657. We will help you with everything – period. Let us help you make the right patio choices your home deserves.





5 Things to Know About CPR Outdoor Centre

mobileCPR Outdoor Centre are the oldest patio builder in Bunbury and we have been in Busselton for a long time too. Why have we lasted so long, you might ask? Because we are good, here are 5 things to know about CPR Outdoor Centre.

1. CPR Outdoor Centres have 2 convenient locations, each with friendly, professional customer service experts who can help you with all your patio, carport and garage building needs.

Bunbury – 5 Barnard St, Bunbury.Phone 9754 2657

Busselton – 1/30 Barlee St, Busselton. Phone 9726 2311

2. CPR Outdoor Centre custom builds and designs patios, garages and carports. The choice of style of your new patio, garages and carports is all yours. Want to combine a flat patio roof with a gable patio roof? Sure we can do that. Or create a completely new look for your home with your new patio? We can do it too.

3. Our sister companies, Shedboss Bunbury and Shedboss Busselton; designs and builds premium quality sheds. They use only premium quality materials to build anything from a large industrial sized sheds down to residential garages.

4. CPR Outdoor Centre sell DIY patio installation kits for the handyperson or a full installation service is also available. Our fully installed service offer not only design,the build and installation of  your new patio, but we also complete all the paperwork and organise permits so that you don’t have to lift a finger.

5. CPR Outdoor Centre also sells rainwater tanks to reduce your environmental impact or if you simply want the benefits of having your own water supply.

Garage by CPR Outdoor CentreCPR Outdoor Centre supply rainwater tanks in a wide range of sizes and colours; there is a different one to suit every home. Made from UV treated food grade Polyethylene these rainwater tanks are strong and durable and will not rust or taint your water.

If you think you don’t have enough space for a rainwater tank, think again. With the slimline range (starting at just 60 cm wide) you can fit a slimline tanks easily into a small backyard, minimising impact on your precious space. We can also deliver and position your water tank for you, no strenuous heavy lifting needed.

5 Things to Know About CPR Outdoor Centre

CPR Outdoor Centre are the best for call for a free quote today. Bunbury on 9726 2311 or Busselton on 9754 2657 for your free onsite quote and we will see you soon.


Is a DIY patio right for me?

Gable Patio by CPR Outdoor

You want to extend your living space and have decided to get a new patio. Great, now you have two options, fully installed or a buy DIY kit and build it yourself. So the question you are asking is a DIY patio right for me?

Good question and the answer depends on you?

  1. Do you have the skills to build a DIY Kit patio?
  2. Do you have the time?
  3. Do you want to get the building permits and deal with the council /shire in your area?

DIY kits or not?

CPR Outdoor Centre in both Bunbury and Busselton supply complete DIY kit patios so if you answer yes to the above questions you can save yourself a few dollars and buy a DIY kit for your new patio.

If however you answered no, then CPR Outdoor Centre can give you a free onsite quote on the costs involved in having your patio built for you.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional patio builder?

  1. Time
  2. Knowhow and skills
  3. Correct tools
  4. Not having to lift a finger

The advantage of having professional patio builder build your new patio is that they do everything for you; from ordering the materials to organising the ground works and dealing with the relevant council or shire.

CPR Outdoor Centre are your local professional patio builder who live and work in your area. Once the council approvals have gone through and the materials have arrived; your patio is normally built in a matter of days to a week. The actual building of your patio doesn’t take every long at all, on most jobs you will have to wait for the council to process the paperwork.

For your patio needs whether you are looking for a DIY Kit or a fully installed patio, contact CPR Outdoor Centre. We are your professional patio builder and all our free are quotes. Contact Jock in Bunbury on 9726 2311 and Dee in Busselton on 9754 2657   for a free onsite quote.

How to keep your garage safe and secure?

Garage by CPR Outdoor CentreWhat do you keep in your garage:

  • Cars?
  • Boat or Caravan?
  • Movers and lawn equipment?
  • Tools?
  • Gym equipment?

Chances are, you are storing valuables there or you need to keep your garage safe and secure. Unfortunately in the world we live in bad people do bad things which includes stealing other people’s property so don’t make it easy for them by having a garage that is not secure.

Secure your garage windows and doors

Your garage may tempt intruders who want a quick, easy haul with minimal risk. Your garage windows may provide a quick entry. For maximum protection, secure your windows by installing bars or at the very least have them deadbolt locked.

Remember you need to use the locks, they don’t work if you don’t use them.

Need a new garage

We often keep things well beyond there used by date and struggle with that old worn out door. Do you need a new garage or don’t even have one yet?

CPR Outdoor Centre build quality colour bond garages and sheds to suit your needs. We can design and build you a new single car garage right up to huge farm machinery sheds. If you are looking for a garage or shed CPR Outdoor are the people for you. We have two locations, one in Bunbury and the other in Busselton and we come to you.

CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury and Busselton

Contact CPR Outdoor Centre for all your garage and shed needs. We also offer installation services for patios, carports or combination carport and shed. Ring us now for free measure and onsite quote.

5 great outdoor kitchens you could have in your patio

Summer season is hot in Australia a perfect time to cook your meals outside and keep the heat out. Wouldn’t it be great to have an outdoor kitchen in your patio?

Why not plan now, get to enjoy your new patio and outdoor kitchen and through summer then autumn before winter comes again?

Check out these 5 great outdoor kitchens and enjoy a slice of pizza or two:

Cosy patio kitchen1. Never limit your outdoor kitchen to plain cupboards, dining table and chairs. You can make a real statement by adding your favourite plants right on the dining table. Having plants near your kitchen will make a lovely atmosphere for your next dinner party. Enjoy a lovely roasted chicken and then stay on for desert.

Outside patio kitchen

2. Get closer to nature with lovely trees around your outdoor kitchen. Breathe the fresh clean air and smell the gorgeous armours from your bbq perfect for family events.

Patio kitchen

3. Add furniture to your outdoor kitchen and enjoy the relaxing feel of having friends around while you cook. Add soft pillows to snuggle with during cold weather too. For an extra special effect make your outdoor are look amazing by adding some pot plants on dining table; herbs are perfect and you can pick them as you cook. Then add a kitchen sink and you really will have it all. Use stalls for that informal touch plus a lounge to enjoy your outdoor after the food is done.


beautiful patio dining area

4. Enjoy a simple rustic outdoor kitchen. Place chairs with soft fabric to enjoy comfy feel with fresh ambiance all around. Lovely place for an afternoon BBQ with friends and family.


5. Dine in classic white! Feel calm and clear with your lovely white outdoor kitchen, great to hold any event from prestigious to informal. Want a peaceful place to meditate? Go and cook your sizzling barbeque at your white outdoor kitchen and you can be stress-free!

Now you have a lovely outdoor kitchen idea, all you need is a patio to cover it?

Extend your outdoor entertaining season by adding a new patio to protect your party in Summer, Autumn and Spring, then it will be ready to protect you when the winter comes again.

Contact CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury or CPR Outdoor Centre Busselton for a FREE quote today and we can discuss your patio needs. We offer both DIY kits and a full installation services, the choice is yours.


Why are my patio gutters overflowing?

hip (7)Wondering why your patio gutters are overflowing? Here are some answers to your questions; 5 reasons why gutters overflow.

  1. Wrong type of gutters
  2. Block gutters
  3. A massive amount of rain at once
  4. Not enough downpipes
  5. Downpipes in the wrong location

Wrong type of gutters

There are a wide variety of gutter materials, sizes, styles, and gauges which have their own benefits and drawbacks. But choosing the wrong one can be your nightmare.

Make sure your gutters are Australian made to ensure they can last longer time perfect to save you money. Choose the most durable gutter you can afford. It is best to talk with your contractor or hardware store to know your roof size and width of the gutter that will fit your house. You also need to consider how many and where the downpipes are too so they can service your gutters.

Block gutters

Blockage is the most common cause of overflowing. Regularly empty the gutters to prevent blockage mostly due to a build-up of leaves, seeds, dirt that fell from nearby trees or been blown in.

A massive amount of rain at once

During heavy rain the gutters will catch most of the downpour flowing from the roofs. Gutters overflow due to massive load of water that it just can’t get to the downpipes quick enough to cope with the massive amount of water all at once.

Not enough downpipes

Make sure you have downpipes with exact sizes to fit the gutters. Rainwater exits the gutter and falls to ground level by downpipe so it is required to have enough downpipes to prevent overflowing of rainwater from your gutters.

Downpipes in the wrong location

Position your downpipes in the right place to be able to remove the water from your roof fast enough in a heavy shower of rain. Place your downpipes a few inches under the edge of the gutters to assure water will flow exactly down the pipes.

Why are my patio gutters overflowing?

Most likely one of the 5 reasons listed above. If you need professional help with your patio call
CPR Outdoor Centre we are your patio people. We can manage your outdoor gutters, all your patio requirements and we will make it easy for you plus we are local!

Contact CPR Outdoor Centre Bunbury (9726 2311) or CPR Outdoor Centre Busselton (9754 2657) for a FREE quote today and we can discuss your patio and gutter needs. We offer full installation services and DIY kits for patio, sheds, carports, and garages too.

How to build a garden path up to your patio?

garden pathEntertaining friends and family in your patio is a wonderful thing to do, but how do they reach the patio? Bringing all your guests through the house can be a real pain, why not send them up the garden path?

Build up a garden path up to your patio. Garden path that is a winding path to meander through plants, making a safe walking surface and beckons your guests to what lays beyond is an attraction in itself.

A garden path can be fascinating and functional at the same time.

How to build a garden path?

Building your garden path is a weekend job and you will be proud of your results for a long time to come, follow these hassle-freesteps:

Step 1: Choose your design

Think of your typical garden path design. You can choose if it is straight, curved, paved, or gravel. For main paths (those that lead to the front door or are way to the garden) should have enough width, about 1.2m to 1.5m wide, and sturdy.

Step 2: Choose your materials

The materials you need will depend on your purpose of your path. Use sturdy materials that are well bedded down if the path is to be used in daily foot traffic.

Here are suggested materials to make your pathfrom:

  • Paving bricks are designed to be walked on so they are better than wall bricks because they can withstand heavy duty foot traffic.
  • Old bricks although wall bricks are not designed to be walked on they still can create a nice walking path when bedded in properly.
  • Concrete slabs can be slippery when wet, so make sure you bed them well with sand or cement and don’t allow weeds or moss to overgrow on them and become a trip hazard.
  • Wooden slabs can be a great to recycle a large tree. Cut the log into rings and you are half way there.
  • Gravel is the easiest to use and is very affordable. Gravel gives quick drainage and is easy to apply once you have done your preparation.
  • Brickies sand for the foundation of your path

Types of equipment you will need to use are:

  • A Wheelbarrow to carry the loads of paving materials
  • Shovel or spade to dig into the dirt or cut away the base for your path
  • Edging stakes or marking paint to use to mark the boundary
  • Hose with a sprayer to damp down the new path area before laying
  • Mason’s chisel to cut the pavers
  • Broom sweep sand over finished path

Step 3: Layout your path. Using the marking paint or stakes layout where you want your path to go. Make your path approximately 90cm wide. 90cm is a good width for people to walk up and down. Narrower paths make for a more secret kind of entrance but aren’t much good when you want lots of people to use it to get to your patio. Wider paths lose that up the garden path effect.

Step 4: Time to dig. Use your shovel or shape to cut the edges and dig out the edges of your path. Dig out the ground to a depth of approx18cm deep to allow for the foundation materials and to give you a heavy duty path. It is best to compress the soil under your path make a really good foundation to start your path on.

Step 5: Lay down edging. The quickest way for all your hardwork to be undone is not lay proper edging. Cooch grass can wreck your path very quickly if your edges are not solid. Setlandscape edging along the path edges. You can use bricks, concert, landscaping barriers, wooden sleeper or a range of other edging materials. Make sure your edge is the finished height of the path, so you are not creating a trip hazard. Think about putting down weed barrier to block any weeds growing through the path especially if you have cooch grass.

Step 6:Foundations. No matter what type of path you choose you will need to start with a good foundation. Fill the depths with brickies sand (use a rake to level it) then compact it. Hand tamper is ok for informal paths, but to get a really good job or for a large path hire motorised plate compactor. Damp the sand slightly with your hose as damp sand will compact much easier than dry sand.

Step 7: Laying your path. Lay your chosen path material. For pavers or slab -settle them in; use extra sand to fill the gaps. Adjust the sand to fit the paver or slab into place adding or removing sand get them to the right height and to keep the path flat. Use a mason’s chisel to cut your paver half where needed.

For gravel work in section getting it level and compacting it as you go.

Step 8: Finishing off. Fill in soil along the sides of the path and tamp firmly with your foot. Use broom to sweep sand over the path, doing it until all the spaces are full. Wash the path with water to glue the pavers in the sand, and then sweep sand again to seal the joints.

You are finished, sit under your patio and admire your handy work.

For all your patio, carport, garage and poly water tank requirements contact CPR Outdoor Centre’s in Bunbury or Busselton. All our quotes are free. We have full installations or DIY Kit options available.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from CPR Outdoor Centre!

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