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DIY Air Plant Hanger

Does your patio look bare? Do you want to add something that will make it appear more welcoming? Why not add some plants? Adding a few planter on your patio is like having a breathe of fresh air – literally plus it will make your patio inviting, especially on hot days!

However, wouldn’t it be nicer if you use a planter with your own touch? Like an air plant hanger perhaps? Yes, that would look awesome! Here’s a DIY air plant hanger from DIY Network – so simple you can do it in half a day!
Plant hanger So, what will you need to do this cute, gorgeous plant hanger? Here are the materials you will need.


  • Oven
  • Baking sheet
  • Biscuit cutter (7.62 cm)
  • Premo! Sculpey Oven-Bake Clay
  • Clay texturing sheet (optional)
  • Nylon cord

Prepared all the needed materials? Here’s the instructions.


Clay1. Condition the Clay. Start out by ripping off enough clay from your block to make a shape that can be cut into a 7.62 cm circle with your biscuit cutter and be 0.25 cm thick. Condition the clay by rolling it either in between your hands or on top of a clean work surface. When the clay feels very pliable, it’s ready to be shaped.



Clay rollout2. Roll Out the ClayNext, roll out your clay into a large oval shape using a small rolling pin. Make sure to measure your shape and see that’s it 0.25 cm thick.




Adding Texture3. Add Texture. If you like, trying adding some texture to the top of your saucer with a clay texturing sheet. Press the plastic sheet into your clay and slowly roll your rolling pin over the top a few times. Remove the sheet.




Clay cutting4. Cut the Clay. Place your biscuit cutter on top of your rolled-out clay and cut out your circle shape. Remove the clay from the cutter. Using your stylus tool or a chopstick, create four holes in the saucer to act as threading points for the nylon cord. Thinking of a clock, position the holes at 12-3-6-9. When the holes have been made place your saucer on a foil-lined baking sheet and place into the over, per the manufacturer’s directions. Remove from the oven once completely baked and let cool.


Nylon Cord5. Add Nylon CordIt’s time to add the nylon cord to your saucer. Their colors are very vibrant and when tied together the cord creates a strong knot.




Hanging Length6. Determine Hanging LengthLook around your house – where would you like to display your plant? Once you’ve determined that, measure how long your cord needs to be to achieve your desired hanging length. Double that amount for each piece so that you can string the cord through the hanging holes and tie it all together.



Knotting cords together7. Knot Cords Together. Pull all of your cords up and gather together. Tie a simple knot with enough of a loop to act as a hanging point. Your saucer is ready for a plant! Place your air plant in the saucer. Use the cords to help position the plant and keep it in place. It should rest easily on top of the saucer for you to admire.



There you go! Your simple DIY plant hanger is now up and ready to be admired! No fancy container to show off your plants – just a simple DIY hanger to let the attention be focused on the plant itself. If you feel the same way, why not make this DIY plant hanger? You’ll congratulate yourself later, that’s a promise!
Plant hanger
Does your patio needs more than just some patio decor? Whether you need a patio upgrade or install from scratch, contact CPR Outdoor Centre for all your needs. We can give you a free quote on your patio, even do a free onsite inspection. Ring us today and let’s discuss the design of your new patio!

Everything you need to know about DIY carports

Carports for every needDIY carports are perfect for you:

  • Do you need a carport to protect your vehicles and keep them out of the rain
  • Handy for extra space when having a party
  • Great to store bikes or a small cupboard for garden tools.

Having DIY carports might seems like a daunting task, but you’d be surprised at how simple and easy they to install if you have the time and skills.

What are DIY carports?

DIY carports stand for Do-It-Yourself carports. They are carports that come in kits so you can put them together on your own or with the help of one or two other people. They are also a project that can be installed quickly (full kits have all the components you need). Your new carport can be generally be built over a weekend or during a couple of days you have off from work.

What makes DIY carports a good choice?

The beauty of installing DIY carports is that comes as a kit is that it contains everything that you could possibly need which includes:

  • Structural support such as beams, post and trusses
  • Roofing sheets cut according to your needs
  • Galvanized bolts, screws and other fixing that you might need
  • Decorative elements that you have ordered
  • A step by step instructions that will guide you when installing your own DIY carport

DIY carports are extremely cost effective because

  • You don’t have to pay for the installation process.
  • You can have the kit as a standard sizes or you customized to your exact requirements.
  • You don’t have to buy specialized tools as basic tools will be enough to help you installing your own carport.

DIY kit can be delivered right to your home. This is great because you don’t have to worry about how you will get your new carport kit home.

What is NOT included in a DIY Carport Kit is:

  • Site or ground works, clearing the area for your new carport
  • Flooring, eg concrete slab or brick pavers
  • Council or Shire Building permit

You must apply for a building permit and abide by your local government rules when building a new carport even if it is from a DIY Carport Kit.

CPR Outdoor Centre can supply you with a full DIY kit from out standard range or customized to your exact requirement or if you would prefer we can handle everything including the building permit with a fully installed carport. Come and have a chat with CPR Outdoor in Bunbury and Busselton to discuss your needs or fill in our quote form.


What other purposes can you do with your carport?

Lovely carport by CPR Outdoor CentreDo you have plans on installing a carport?

Great – it’s a great alternative for a garage. A carport gives your car some protection, but it doesn’t require much money compared to installing a garage. A carport can either be a free standing or attached to a wall and does not have 4 walls like that of a garage.

A carport is a covered structure used to offer protection to vehicles – primarily from the heat of the sun and the harsh rain. It is much safer to keep your car in a carport rather than leaving it outside your house or in the street.

Do you need a planning permission for your carport?Lovely carport by CPR Outdoor Centre

If you are planning on having a carport beside your home, you need planning permission so check with your local shire or council.If you hire a carport builder they will take care of everything – from planning down to installing your carport.

What other purposes can you do with your carport?

You already know about how a carport can keep your cars protected. So, what more can you do with your carport? Apart from storing your car, your carport can serve as a great place for hosting a party,keeping the mess outside is a brilliant idea. You get an instantly covered venue for your next get together and the unlimited outside view makes it even more perfect. You can also store your unused things in there instead of keeping them inside your home.

In general, a carport can offer you more storage space in case you need it. So why not install a call CPR Outdoor about ordering your new carport today?

By installing a new carport you will get 3 functional spaces in 1Lovely carport by CPR Outdoor Centre

  • a secured place for your car
  • a perfect party venue
  • extra storage space.

Do you want to install a carport today? Contact CPR Outdoor Centre in Bunbury or Busselton for all your carport needs. We offer installation services that include carports, patios and garages. Ring us today for a free quote!

Where is the best location for my carport?

Free standing Patio - hip roofWorried about your car’s protection – especially at night? If you don’t have a garage yet, chances are, you park your car along the street at night. However, this exposes your car to a lot of risks – theft, vandalism to name just a few. If you want to keep your car protected yet, don’t have enough budget to build a garage, install a carport.

Carports offers protection

A carport functions pretty much like a garage as it provides protection for your car, but they differ in structure. While a garage is a closed structure with walls like that of a room, a carport doesn’t have walls but has a roof overhead. It can protect your car against heavy rain, too much sunlight and other weather elements which might cause damage.

Don’t worry about theft and vandalism because a carport, despite having no walls, is usually erected right beside your home. So it is more secure rather than leaving your car out in the street. It also means that your carport is inside your fence. Therefore, anyone caught inside your carport can be up for trespassing.

So, with this in mind, you start to wonder where you can position your carport. Where should you build it? Right or left? Is it fine to build it behind your house?

gable (43)Where is the best location for carport?

The answer to your question may vary from one homeowner to another. You can build your carport anywhere you like just as long as you make sure that the area is level and flat. The surface should be conducive enough to build a structure that requires a smooth surface such as your carport.

Need to build a carport?

For all your carport needs, contact CPR Outdoor Centre in Bunbury at 08 9726 2311 and Busselton at 08 9754 2657.

We offer installation services that include patios, garages and carports. Ring us today; we can give you a free measure and quote. The earlier you call, the earlier you can start enjoying your carport. Give yourself peace of mind and give us a call now!

Can a carport be enclosed into a garage later?

Lovely carport by CPR
Need a place to store your car? Install a carport.

Yes, a carport can easily be transformed into a garage. It is far more affordable than building one from scratch. It will offer your car the protection that it needs and will also be less expensive. If you’re in need of a garage installation but you don’t have the budget – then a carport is a perfect solution for you.

Is a carport a good alternative?Carport by PR Outdoor

Yes, it is. You may think that a carport offers less than what a garage can offer, but you are wrong. When properly installed, a carport can protect your car from outside elements such as extreme weather conditions and theft.

Will a carport repel theft?

A carport might not be enclosed like a garage but with proper features, you can still deter possible intruders – especially at night. You can install proper lighting on your carport. A well lit carport will help to repel the possible threat of potential thieves. Lighting is a great deterrent as criminals don’t like to be seen. You could also install an alarm on your carport. You see, despite not having walls, your carport can still protect your car against theft.

Can a carport be enclosed into a garage later?

The best thing about installing a carport is that when the time comes to add an enclosure – there’s no problem. A carport can be enclosed and turned it into a garage at any time you want. You can make certain additions to your carport after it has been installed. However, be sure you chat with your carport/garage builder first to know the legalities and if there are council requirements necessary for the enclosure.

Should you need help with your garage, carport or patio installation, contact CPR Outdoor Centre. We can deal with all the requirements, help with the design and do the installation for you. Ring us today on 9726 2311 for CPR Bunbury or 9754 2651 for CPR Busselton for an obligation free quote.


Can you weatherproof your carport?

gable (16)Australian weather can be very harsh at times, so much so – that despite your car being stored in your carport it can still be damaged. A carport can protect your car,giving you peace of mind at all times.


Like garages, carports will protect your car. Generally though, carports don’t have walls. While some homeowners customise theirs and install walls, most don’t bother. The best part is not getting wet during winter months, when making a mercy dash across the driveway.

How to weatherproof your carport

Without weatherproofing, rain and debris can blow in all over your car, pitting and sometimes scratching the finish. The frequent exposure to moisture can also increase problems with rust. This is why it’s important to weatherproof your carport. It can keep your car in tip top condition.

Here is how to weatherproof your carport while spending only a fraction of what you would on a garage.

Cover your car

Covering your car can protect it against the unfriendly weather and rain. With car coverings, you can double up your car’s protection. Car covers can be found in different fabrics and colours at a reasonable price. Choose what best suits your needs and taste.

Carports to suit every Garden by CPR OutdoorInstall blinds

Yes, you read it accurately – patio blinds! They are not just a great addition on your patio but also on your carport. Patio blinds can prevent the chilly wind and flying rubbish from entering and hitting your car.

Add lights

Adding proper lights to your carport allows you to see the entire area clearly – even during the dark of night. A well lit carport is much easier to maintain plus it may deter potential burglars.

Can you weatherproof your carport?

Yes, you can. With a little bit of time and effort, you can keep your car protected inside your carport all year round. Don’t have a carport yet? Ring CPR Outdoor Centre for all your carport needs. We can install a carport for you – whether it’s a single or double sized carport. Need a garage or shed? CPR Outdoor build those too. Call us today!


Where can I buy a free standing carport in Bunbury?

Carports to suit every Garden by CPR OutdoorDo you need a place to store your car?

Somewhere out of the summer heat and the winter chill? 

A free standing carport might just be the thing for you.

First of all, what is a free standing carport?

A free standing carport is not attached to your home or any other structure, which allows easy, affordable installation and flexible design options. It protects your car from the elements, preventing sun and hail damage. A carport can also protect your car’s paintwork from being damaged from general debris, tree sap and leaves, bird droppings etc.

There are a large range of carports stylesavailable to suit your different requirements, ranging from a simple, open roof only design to a completely enclosed structure with extra storage space.

What are the benefits of a free standing carport?

  • An economicaland effective way to protect your car from the elements
  • Can be located anywhere on your property
  • Range of styles to suit requirements
  • Enhance the appearance and increase the value of your home or property
  • No longer have to worry about icy windscreens on frosty mornings or unpacking your car in the rain.
  • More complex arrangements can include entertainment areas or extra storage space as options.

Where can I buy a free standing carport in Bunbury?

At CPR Outdoor Centre, of course!

CPR Outdoor Centre are located in Bunbury and Busselton and cover areas south of Harvey through to Margaret River and Augusta. We can build you a carport, patio, garage or shed that will suit your needs perfectly. Call CPR Outdoor Centrein Bunbury on 9726 2311 or Busselton on 9754 2657 for a free onsite quote.


Can I install Christmas lightings in my carport?

christmas lightsIt’s the time again – the holiday’s festive atmosphere just makes you want to go out and enjoy the lovely weather. With this, you might be considering putting lighting into your carport. Christmas lights in your carport just looks amazing, right? However, you are wondering if it’s even possible.

Lighting up my carport?

  • Is this fine?
  • Is this safe? If yes, how can you do it?

The idea just sounds attractive and hanging Christmas lights in your carport can add to the festive air outside. To answer your question, yes it is possible but be careful.

You can install normal Christmas lights that plug into a power point yourself. Please becareful when attaching anything to your walls, it is best to use stick on hooks to make sure you don’t damage your walls. When buying stick on hooks, they come in different weight rating so take your lights with you and ask the sales person for help. Experience the holiday season, and add some lovely Christmas lights to your carport.

Ready, set, light!

Installing Christmas lights in your carport is not hard to do. When installing Christmas lights in your carport, remember to ensure your safety first and read the instructions.

christmas lightsHere are some lists of things you should take note:

  • Use durable Christmas lights. Remember, you are using them outside so make sure you have outdoor lights that can withstand the weather outside.
  • Be safe. When installing, use the proper materials and tools. Always do the job by the book. Make sure any cords are well secured and up high so they are not a hazard.
  • Don’t over load the power point with too many lights. Check the manufactures details and call an electrician if you are uncertain.
  • Make sure your RCD (Residual Current Device) / safety switch is working. Don’t have an RCD? Call an electrician.
  • Never be tempted to hard wire lights yourself – you need an electrician for that.

Can I install Christmas lightings in my carport?

Yes, definitely! Just remember to think about your safety first. It’s great to celebrate Christmas but it’s more important to be safe. A little bit of effort and safety precautions, you can enjoy a magical Christmas lights outside and still safe. Have a safe Christmas everyone from all the staff at CPR Outdoor Centre.

For all your patio needs, contact CPR Outdoor Centre. We offer installation services that include patios, carports and garages. Ring us now for free quote.

How long does it take to install my carport?

Free standing Patio - hip roofCarport can provide you with the security and privacy that you need. In a reasonable working day generally most carports can be installed be  installed in most areas. However, there are some factors that affect how long the building progress of carport will take.

  1. Size
  2. Location
  3. Weather
  4. Council permit
  5. Deposit paid


Standard carport size can be assembled installed in a day. Depending on the size of the carport that you require, the building process can be longer. For larger projects it can take longer.


Delivery time will vary depending on the time of year you order your carport generally 4-8 weeks from the time you made your order. Your location can also have a bearing on how long the carport will take. What ground works are needed, fill or leveling, etc.


The season and the weather can plan a part in the length of time your carport takes especially if you get delayed by rain or harsh weather.

Council permit

Different councils can take different amounts of time to process your building permit. CPR Outdoor Centre is your reputable partners in getting your permit proceeded as quickly as possible before installation. We can do everything for you from the  engineering drawings, paperwork that will be required for the submission.

Deposit paid

Your deposit must be paid before we can order your job. The amount your will need to pay for your deposit will be on your quote. You can pay it with a credit card or bank deposit.

How long does it take to install my carport?

As you can see it depends, at CPR we specialize  in custom-built carport and will give you the exact timeframe when you get a quote from us. We pride ourselves on our professional, high quality service that suits your style and budget needs.

For quality carport solutions, contact CPR Outdoor Centre to provide you outstanding results. Ring us to get a free quote on all your carport needs.


Common mistakes to avoid when building a carport

Carports for every needGot an extra space at home? If you don’t have a place for your car yet, it’s worth having an a carport built. A carport is a safe place to store your car and is great place when want extra space to entertain your friends and guests, especially during warm weather. It’s nice to be outside and enjoy the lovely weather!


Carports are easy to build and could be your perfect solution. Carports are affordable and can be erected even with a limited space. However, there are common mistakes people tend to make when building a carport. It’s great to know so you can avoid these costly mistakes.

  • Not having a design
  • Not getting a building permit
  • Not choosing the materials carefully
  • Not preparing the ground correctly

Not having a design

Carports may sound simple but many people make the mistake of not having it designed. When you are not sure with your design, seek out the help of a professional. Professional builders and patio builders have the capacity to complete such projects. They can even custom made a design for your space!

Not getting a building permit

Carports need a shire or council building permit. If you are sourcing your own materials or buy a DIY kit you will need to organise a building permit.

If you engage a builder they will organise the permits for you.

Not choosing your materials carefully

Australian weather can be harsh thus you have to carefully select your carport materials. Choose materials that can withstand these elements daily. Be sure to select quality and durable materials that can last for many years.

Not preparing the ground

Preparing the area where you will place your carport will make it easier to erect your carport, especially if you are using a DIY kit to build your carport.

Common mistakes to avoid when building a carport

These mistakes may seem common but most homeowners keep on doing these. Be sure to avoid these mistakes to prevent problems in the future.

For your carport needs, contact CPR Outdoor Centre. CPR Outdoor Centres are located in Bunbury and Busselton and we service the surrounding areas. We offer complete DIY kits ready for you to build as well as fully installed carports where you don’t have to lift a finger.

Ring CPR Outdoor Centre now for a free measure and quote.